USA's Playing House: Are You Game For More?

Playing House Series PremiereTake two best friends, add a generous portion of suburban humor, then mix it all in a diaper with some melted chocolate, and you’ve got USA Network’s irresistible new comedy Playing House, which premiered Tuesday.

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Jessica St. Clair (Veep) stars as Emma, a fancy international business lady who returns to her Connecticut hometown to attend the baby shower of her childhood bestie Maggie, played by Lennon Parham (Best Friends Forever).

Save for a few bumps along the way — like Emma getting caught using Maggie’s boob as a microphone by her cop ex-boyfriend (Key and Peele‘s Keegan-Michael Key) — the visit goes off without a hitch… until Maggie catches her husband cyber-cheating with a delightful German lass who goes by the username MunichMuncher69.

The weekend continues spiraling towards disaster as Emma oversleeps for a Skype meeting, then offends a prospective partner by falling asleep mid-conversation. She’s given an ultimatum — come back now, or don’t come back at all — and while she initially chooses to save her job over her best friend’s crumbling existence, she eventually has a change of heart, albeit a totally forced one.

Playing House‘s supporting characters are also pretty spectacular, like Zach Woods (The Good Wife) as Maggie’s trumpet-wielding brother Zach, whose relentlessly awkward pursuit of Emma is equal parts endearing and uncomfortable.

Basically, we feel the same way about House‘s on-screen duo as Emma does about Maggie’s chest: “They’re like the boobs of our dreams!”

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