Once Upon a Time: 5 Big Questions Get Answers

Once Upon a Time Henry Memory BackThis Sunday on Once Upon a Time, several burning questions about Season 3B’s Wicked Witch arc were answered. How many of the mysteries had you correctly solved?

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In the Fairy Tale Land of the Past Year, Rumplestiltskin — imprisoned in his own castle by Zelena — sends Regina and the Charmings to seek out Glinda the Good Witch. After one hilarious sequence in which Regina with her vengeful heart isn’t able to pass through a magical door, the Charmings learn that only light magic can defeat Glinda’s onetime friend Zelena, by robbing her of her powerful pendant. Meaning: Emma! Alas, the Savior’s not with them there in TEF. Hmmm.

The Charmings think to cast the Dark Curse anew, to return to Emma’s realm, but Regina can’t help with that, having already sacrificed that which she loves most. So Snow casts the curse, and after a highly romantic goodbye to Charming, during which he says Snow will always see his love for her in their new child’s eyes, she crushes his plucked pumper. But just then, Zelena swoops in…

Laughing at the idea that Regina & Co. could cast the Dark Curse without her knowing — yet realizing it’s too late to stop it outright — Zelena decides to “spice it up” some by adding a forgetting spell. So even though they’ll return to Storybrooke, they won’t remember why, or how to defeat Zelena. (After Zelena flies off, Snow gets the idea to have Regina “split” her heart in two, giving half to revive Charming before the curse hits — and it works.)

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Meanwhile in Storybrooke: Emma, Regina and the Charmings decide that to undo the new curse, Henry must believe again, and then Emma can give him True Love’s Kiss. Henry, though, is aiming to run away, and Hook — fearing for the lad’s safety, after being threatened by Zelena — is poised to have Smee sail the lad outta Dodge when a swarm of flying monkeys descends from the sky. Hook uses a pistol to fell a couple, then is joined in the fight by sword-wielding Charming, gun-toting Emma and fireball-lobbing Regina. Once the critters are vanquished, Henry is understandably “WTF?!?!?” Emma urges him to just believe, in magic, in her, as she hands him the storybook — and as his hands touch it, his memories flood back. When Emma  goes to smooch her son on his noggin, he vanishes, reappearing nearby in Zelena’s clutches. After KOing Regina, the Wicked WItch is set to choke the poor boy when Emma musters up her magic and scalds the sorceress’ hands, freeing Henry. When Regina comes to, she reunites with and kisses Henry, and that True Love’s Kiss undoes the curse upon the town, restoring everyone’s full memories. Which in turn raises a question….

Emma is grilling Hook about his handling of the “cursed lips” sitch when the Charmings suggest the good captain has been keeping other secrets — namely, who really sent him the note to find Emma and get her back to Storybrooke, since it sure wasn’t them. Hook sticks to his story/assumption, while in flashback we see that Zelena whipped up two doses of the memory potion: one for her, and one which she gave to Rumple to do with as he pleases before the new curse hits. Before Rumple can sip it, Neal wrests himself out of his father’s body, scrawls a note on a piece of his shirt-sleeve and attaches it with the potion to a pigeon’s leg, then sends the bird to find Killian Jones on The Jolly Roger. (How Hook crossed realms, though, remains TBD in my book, since Regina reiterated that no portals exist anymore.)

* Regina and Robin Hood continued their mash session. (Um, it seemed to be the next morning. Did they….???) Later, as Regina reconnected with Henry after his memories returned, the kid declared it “awesome” that Mom is dating Robin Hood. JARED S. GILMORE(Semi-related Q: Hadn’t Henry already seen the storybook since returning to town, maybe while at the diner…? Why was it suddenly “missing”? Or am I having a stroke?) UPDATE: Not having a stroke. Though the scene was cut from episode, this photo from “the Tower” had been released:

* Aurora and Phillip had been turned into flying monkeys back in FTL. (Presumably, once Zelena is defeated, they — and Walsh — change back?)

* As the episode came to a close, Henry announces that Operation Cobra is back on, just as Snow goes into labor…

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“What do you see in me?” “A second chance, and a quite good kisser.” “Just wait until  have my heart back.” Meow.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Haagen Dazs was smitten with your stomach.”

“Pay attention, sis. This is how you take away a happy ending.”

“Where you come from, people bathe in the river and use pine cones for money.”

That was a big, satisfying episode. Fun fight there with everyone by the docks, frisky Regina, “on edge” Emma, uberromantic Charmings…. What did you think of “A Curious Thing”?

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