Orphan Black Recap: The Mysterious Mrs. S

Orphan Black Season 2 RecapOne of the biggest mysteries of Orphan Black‘s first season is coming undone.

Mrs. S. “was intentionally a bit of a sleeper” last year, co-creator Graeme Manson previously told TVLine. Well, not so anymore. In Saturday’s episode, Mrs. S gets to shoot a gun, stab someone and proves that she has more backchannel skills and secrets than we could ever have imagined.

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Sarah and Art, now officially a member of Clone Club, track Kira to a hotel where a trail of the little girl’s things leads Sarah to her kidnapper. The man stuffs Sarah in his trunk and drops her off at a remote location in the woods where she’s greeted by Mrs. S. Turns out the man, Benjamin, is just helping Mrs. S out. Sarah wants to know whose side her foster mom is on.

“Yours, love,” she replies. “It’s always been yours.”

S explains that she tossed her home to make the whole thing look like an abduction and then took off with Kira to keep her safe. They found refuge at a home in the woods, the same place she, Sarah and Felix first stayed when they left the U.K. Mrs. S’ old pals Brenda and Barry greet Mrs. S and Sarah. They’re part of the old network that once helped them disappear, but this is far from an idyllic hideaway.

Sarah confronts Mrs. S with the Project Leda photo, but the older woman claims she’s never seen it before. At dinner, Mrs. S’ escape plan to get her and Kira back to London to find answers starts to smell a little fishy. Barry mentions something about a delay with the transport car. Then Kira exhibits some of her weirdly spot-on instincts when Sarah suggests some of Mrs. S secrets may be good. “Maybe, but I don’t think so,” the little girl says. So Sarah hightails it out of there with her daughter, while Mrs. S confronts Brenda when she pulls a gun on her.

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“What the hell are you doing? For God’s sake, she’s just a little girl,” Mrs. S exclaims.

“We were all little girls once,” replies Brenda.

“Not like this one.” Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out what Mrs. S meant by that because then she stakes Brenda’s hands to the table with a knife and two-pronged fork! She also shoots Barry, allowing Sarah and Kira to drive off. Note to self: Don’t mess with Mrs. S. Brenda reveals that she found God, and he has pretty deep pockets, so she sold them to the Proletheans. “Who are these cursed children?” she wonders, to which Mrs. S answers, “They’re Project Leda.” So maybe she was involved in the clone trials, but had a falling out and is now truly trying to protect Sarah and Kira?

Elsewhere in Clone Club:

Orphan Black Season 2 RecapALISON | First, let’s take a moment to admire this lyric from the musical Alison is starring in: “We must heed the call, picking the brains off the wall.” OK, back to business. After seeing some damning texts on Donnie’s phone at Aynsley’s funeral, Alison is back to suspecting that her hubby is her monitor. Felix suggests that they set a trap to confirm it. “Got any ideas or you want to keep drinking?” he asks her. “I think I need to keep drinking for a while and then I’ll have an idea,” she replies. So much for Alison’s sobriety. An idea does eventually come to her. She lets Donnie overhear a fake conversation mentioning Sarah, and when he calls Dr. Leekie from the cemetery, where Alison is meeting with her musical theater friend Sarah, clueless Donnie proves he’s not quite the brilliantly evil monitor.

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COSIMA | Her new lab may seem like “Clone jail” at first, but Leekie and Delphine woo her over with promises of all the best equipment. But the real treat comes when she meets Rachel. “I’m Cosima. The real Cosima. Not the one who kicked your ass or whatever. Gotta love concealer,” she greets her. Rachel is not amused. “I hear you’re very clever,” she replies. Cosima does not take the glib remark lying down, boasting, “Yeah, I was clever when I was like six.” But for all the cut-it-with-a-knife tension, the two have something in common: Their DNA, of course. Rachel claims the virus that is making them sick does not stem from the original DNA, but from the cloning procedure. She then hands over Sarah’s genome and tasks Cosima with figuring out why Sarah can have children.

HELENA | The Proletheans are very interested in the killer clone. They break her out of the hospital and give her and Tomas shelter at their farm. But while Tomas sees Helena as an abomination, Pastor Henrik steered his faith through science at MIT and views her miraculous survival – the bullet missed her heart because her organs are all reversed! – as “God opening a whole new door.” He wonders if, like Sarah, she can reproduce. To Tomas, any child of hers would be a monster. How to solve this conflict of opinions? A screw to the naysayer’s head, naturally. “It’s a brand new day,” Henrik declares.

Orphan Black fans, what are your theories on Mrs. S? Do you trust her? Are you as creeped out by the Proletheans as I am? (That poor cow.) And how is it possible that Alison’s musical is getting even weirder?

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