Parks and Rec's Amy Poehler & Mike Schur on the Season Finale ('Big Things Happen'), Baby Mania

Parks and Recreation Season 1 SpoilersThe stork is no stranger to Pawnee, but Parks and Recreation executive producer Mike Schur reveals that there’s one house the big bird is going to skip – at least for the foreseeable future.

Find out who’s not likely to follow Leslie, Ann and Ron’s parenting path, as well as what other surprises are in store, as the EP and star Amy Poehler preview Thursday’s twisty, can’t-miss season finale (NBC, 8/7c) below.

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ONE LAST SURPRISE | The question of whether Leslie will take on a new job will be answered in Thursday’s episode, and she’s not the only one facing a big shift. “There’s some other stuff that happens involving Ben that hints at a change in his life,” previews Schur. And make sure your DVR doesn’t cut off the “very exciting” final minutes of the one-hour season ender, because they’re “really important,” teases Poehler. “Big things happen that show you where we’re going and where a lot of the characters are going or may go… I think fans will be really excited, coming into Season 7, about what this season’s finale will mean.”

A NEW KIND OF EXPECTATION | Having just told a pregnancy storyline via Ann, Schur is conscious of not wanting to repeat plots. “We have some ideas for how to avoid that trap,” he says. “The experience of how we tell stories about Leslie and her burgeoning family are going to be very different from Ann and her burgeoning family.” One of the challenges for the constantly on-the-go Leslie will be figuring out how motherhood “will integrate into her new life,” adds Poehler. “I can certainly relate to what it feels like to be working on a new job and having someone living inside of you.”

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THE MORE, THE MERRIER | One baby would have been surprise enough for Ben and his lovely wife, but three?! “Leslie is very famously an overachiever, and having her body overachieve in terms of starting her family just seemed like a very logical thing to have happen,” says Schur, who isn’t worried about the timing of the pregnancy with the deputy director’s busy life. “Leslie’s history is that she’s never met a project she couldn’t tackle. Motherhood was the last great frontier that we had left unexplored in her life.”

Parks and Recreation Season 1 SpoilersCHILDREN RAISING CHILDREN | Amidst all the baby fever, one couple will not welcome a tot anytime soon. “Andy and April are really young and irresponsible in a way that I particularly enjoy,” says Schur, adding that for now, the couple will enjoy life sans kids. Their “behavior would be a lot less charming if they had a kid at home,” he says. However, “Who knows what the future will bring?” After all, “they’ve only been married for a couple of years, and April is still very young on the show,” the EP points out.

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