Newsroom Creator Aaron Sorkin on Final Season: 'I Apologize and I'd Like to Start Over'

The Newsroom Finale RatingsAaron Sorkin has a breaking alert for viewers of his journalism-themed HBO drama: He’s sorry for the first two seasons.

“I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I’d like to start over,” Sorkin told an audience at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival Monday.

Addressing those in the room as stand-ins for the world at large, Buzzfeed reports that Sorkin said he did not set the drama in the recent past to skewer those who report the news.

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“That was and remains the furthest thing from my mind,” he said during the discussion, adding, “I wasn’t trying to, and I’m not capable of, teaching a professional journalist a lesson. That wasn’t my intent, and it’s never my intent to teach you a lesson or try to persuade you or anything.”

His mea-culpa stance stands in stark contrast to what he told reporters a few months into the show’s first season. At the time, the show boss’ brushed off criticism of the series, saying, “One of the nice consequences of working for HBO is that the entire season is written, shot and locked in the can before the first episode airs. So, even if you’re tempted to try to write a little bit differently to please the people or change someone’s mind, you can’t do it. The season is done.”

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The man also behind dramas like The West Wing and Sports Night later said that Newsroom‘s upcoming third and final season would handle events including the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and that he was just now beginning to feel an ease in writing the show’s scripts.

“I have the time of my life working with the people that I work with, but there is a learning curve and unfortunately, those lessons are learned in front of several million people,” he said. “Again, that’s what you sign up for.”

The Newsroom‘s final season, now in production, likely will premiere in the fall.


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