First Look: Supernatural: Bloodlines Exposes Chicago's Warring Monsters & a Forbidden Love

The Winchesters’ universe is expanding, and we’ve got your first look at next Tuesday’s debut of the potential spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines (The CW, 9/8c), which features plenty of fighting and even some romance.

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The backdoor pilot finds Sam and Dean in Chicago, where Mafia-esque monster families, unknowingly to humans, “run” the underbelly of the metropolis and are being tracked by newly minted hunter Ennis (played by EpisodesLucien Laviscount).

But unlike Supernatural, the offshoot has a dash of forbidden love. Amidst the warring clans is a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque relationship between shapeshifter David (The Originals’ Nathaniel Bozulic) and werewolf Violet Durant (Melissa Roxburgh).

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Bloodlines’ other cast members include Danielle Savre (Heroes) as shapeshifter Margo Hayden, Sean Faris (Pretty Little Liars) as the angry-looking werewolf Julian Durant and Stephen Martines (Burn Notice) as world-weary Chicago PD Detective Freddie Costa.

Check out the photo gallery and then head to the comments with your thoughts on the newbies.


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