Witches of East End Conjures Up First Season 2 Promo: 'Darkness Is Rising'

Asgard is so close, we can practically taste it. Lifetime on Monday released the first official teaser for Witches of East End‘s upcoming second season, premiering this summer — and it’s dark.

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Set to the soothing sound of Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People,” the Season 2 promo features quick cuts of our favorite East End residents in some seriously dire straits. In addition to the Beauchamp ladies — Joanna, Freya, Ingrid and Wendy look lovely, as always — we also get our first glimpse at what the Gardiner boys are capable of now that their powers have been reawakened.

(And who’s the hooded gentleman at the end of the promo? Freya and Ingrid’s brother Frederick, perhaps?)

Hit PLAY on the promo below, then drop a comment with your thoughts/hopes/fears for Season 2.

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