Exclusive Castle Sneak Peek: Can 'Captain' Rick and 'Cupcake' Kate Solve a '70s Murder?

“Captain” Richard Castle thinks solving a decades-old gangland slaying would be boss, but his “rookie” partner Kate is skeptical, as seen in this exclusive (and hugely entertaining) clip from Monday’s episode of Castle (ABC, 10/9c). 

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In the episode “That ’70s Show,” when the body of an infamous mobster who disappeared four decades ago is discovered, the only witness is Harold Metzger (Raising the Bar‘s Jon Polito), a man who thinks it’s still the 1970s. To uncover what he knows, Castle, Beckett et al must play into his delusion — even dressing the part at one point.

In this clip, Rick and Kate pump Harold for info, leading to a difference of opinion on how to proceed.

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