Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Trailer: Feisty Piper Growls 'Don't Make Me Rip Your Throat Out'

Orange Is the New Black‘s Season 2 trailer makes us sure of one thing: The Piper we see today would eat Season 1 Piper for breakfast.

“I am a lone wolf, and a vicious one,” she warns someone in the recently released sneak peek at the Netflix drama’s second season. “Don’t make me rip your throat out.” 

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Also of note: New inmates, including Lorraine Toussaint (Saving Grace) as Red’s old nemesis (?) Vee; Piper calling solitary confinement “home”; new flashbacks to inmates’ pre-prison lives and Crazy Eyes acting… well, crazy.

Press PLAY to get your first glimpse at the new episodes, all of which will be available on the streaming video service starting June 6.