Grey's Anatomy Recap: Winners & Losers

Grey's Anatomy Season 10In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina’s possible likely seemingly inevitable Harper Avery victory has her turning to Mer — and turning away Owen, Derek’s increased workload has him pulling out his (beautiful, beautiful) hair, and April and Jackson have the kind of blowout that suggests that, even if the marriage isn’t over, the honeymoon sure is. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (It’s a jam-packed episode.) Read on, and I’ll give you the deets…

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FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE | Early on in “Go It Alone,” a deaf mother angrily declines to even consider allowing her also-deaf daughter to get a cochlear implant. That’s ridiculous, Jackson makes the mistake of remarking later over dinner with April, who immediately takes this to mean that he thinks she’s ridiculous for agreeing with the mother. Which he does. In no time, April has deduced that, much like her new husband judged the mother for her decision, he also judges her for her faith. He doesn’t accept it, she loudly suggests, he tolerates it. And finally, he admits that, yes, it’s true, it’s true, it’s all true. In response, she says that she pities him since he lacks the ability to believe in anything that he can’t see or touch, and shows up on Callie and Arizona’s doorstep looking to crash with them for a while.

CARRY ON | Speaking of Calzona, before their unexpected houseguest shows up, Arizona realizes that Callie assumes she’ll carry their next child. And, although once upon a time, Arizona couldn’t bear the thought of risking another loss by getting pregnant (in case something went wrong), now she’s… well, changed her mind. So, to decide which of them will be adopting a pickles and ice cream diet, they do what any sensible couple would when faced with a major dilemma: They flip a coin. But, while it’s mid-air, Arizona panics and blurts out, “No, you do it! You do it! I don’t want to,” settling the matter in as funny a manner as it is authentic.

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SWEET McDREAMS | Although Alex’s secret extra shifts at Dr. Butthole’s private practice have him falling asleep sitting up, and Ben’s exhaustion has him dozing off when he’s supposed to be observing an operation, it’s actually Derek who really needs a break. His new project has him so busy that he’s been shirking his teaching duties and postponing surgeries – neither of which can happen, Owen huffs. Unfortunately, when Derek tries to cram everything into one day, he – oops – forgets to tell Mer that the kids are with Calzona, not, you know, misplaced somewhere. Later, he concedes to his missus that something’s gotta give. Her work? she asks. No, he assures her. But if he can’t cut down, and neither can she, what is the answer? (Cloning?)

VICTORY LAPSE | While Cristina’s plan to write her Harper Avery acceptance speech with Mer over drinks goes up in smoke (Richard sticks Mer with an all-nighter), the nominee refuses to let Owen invite himself to accompany her to the ceremony in Boston. In fact, twice, she refuses. The second time he assures her that he could get there “if you don’t wanna be alone,” she responds, “But I do.” However, after an endless night in which Ivy rejects her heart and Frankie experiences heart failure, Cristina arrives solo at the shindig and wishes that she hadn’t. You should be here, she tells Mer over the phone. You and Owen both. And – well, whad’ya know! – they are there. (Surprise!) It’s a good thing they turned up, too, because Cristina’s gonna need some moral support after Catherine announces that the winner is… not her!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you agree with April or Jackson? Hit the comments!

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