American Idol: Top 7 Song Spoilers Revealed!

american-idol-top-7-song-spoilers-jena-caleb-jessicaAltruism or sabotage? That will be the question looming over tonight’s Top 7 installment of American Idol (8/7c on Fox), the first ever to feature a “Competitors’ Picks” theme.

The remaining finalists were asked to select one song each for their fellow combatants – leaving each one with a list of six ditties from which to choose. TVLine had confirmed that this is the final lineup:

Alex Preston: Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team”
C.J. Harris: John Mayer’s “Gravity”
Caleb Johnson: Kings of Leon’s “Family Tree”
Dexter Roberts: Luke Bryans “Muckalee Creek Water”
Jena Irene: Radiohead’s “Creep”
Jessica Meuse: Miranda Lambert’s “Gunpowder and Lead”
Sam Woolf: David Gray’s “Sail Away”

Of course, you’ll have to watch tonight’s episode to find out exactly which contestants were responsible for the aforementioned list.

My snap judgment? Jena’s song choice seems most likely to create a genuine moment, while C.J.’s appears to be the most boring and predictable. Smart move by Caleb to remind us that, yes, he can tackle something current (and really freakin’ catchy), but did Sam really need to cover his second David Gray song this season?

Meanwhile, will an Ed Sheeran song really give Alex an opportunity to highlight his creativity? What is a “Muckalee Creek Water”? And is Jessica’s capable of digging deep enough into her emotional well to match Skylar Laine’s explosive Season 11 “Gunpowder” cover? (One can hope!)

What do you think of the Top 7′s song selections? Who’s most likely to succeed? Whose choice puts ’em most at risk going into the night? Sound off in the comments!


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