The Originals' Danielle Campbell Previews Davina's Uprising: 'She's Tired Of Being Used'

The Originals SpoilersDavina’s mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore. The Originals returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c) with the final five episodes of Season 1, and New Orleans’ youngest witch is ready to stake her claim — pun possibly intended.

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TVLine spoke with star Danielle Campbell about Davina’s journey in the coming weeks, including her potential reconciliation with Klaus and next month’s “emotional, action-packed” finale.

TVLINE | It looks like Davina finally gets to play dress up this week. Was that fun for you?
As an actress, I love it. But for Davina, since you never see her dress up like that, I think that’s an uncomfortable situation. In the episode, you’ll see she’s pretty shy and timid because she’s not used to having all that attention and isn’t quite sure how to handle it.

TVLINE | Everybody’s back to playing Tug of War with Davina. How will she respond to that?
In the next couple of episodes, you’ll see she’s not allowing it anymore. She’s been lied to and deceived way too many times. She’s tired of being used as everybody’s pawn. Josh sat her down in the last episode and was like, “You’re a witch. You need to harness your powers,” and she listened to him. She’s starting to find her place in the coven and create new allies for herself.

TVLINE | So she is loyal to the coven?
I wouldn’t say she’s loyal to the coven, but she doesn’t really have a choice right now. She’s still going to do what she believes is right, but she’s also learning how to be a witch, and right now the only way for her to do that is through her coven.

TVLINE | You mentioned Josh, and I love his friendship with Davina. Please tell me we don’t have to be worried about him.
On this show, you have to be worried about everybody. I mean, just came back from the dead! I wish I could tell you not to worry about Josh, but you should. And I love their friendship, too. I think he’s the one person she can really trust, and she’ll never question whether he has her best interests at heart. He’s her family right now.

TVLINE | Any chance he’ll get a love interest?
Oh, we’ve been joking around about that on set for so long. I think he’s long overdue to have one, so I wouldn’t say that’s unlikely.

TVLINE | Speaking of love interests, is Davina still mad at Klaus for killing Tim?
Absolutely, and I think that’s what’s so special about Davina. You see Klaus kill a different person every episode like it’s not a big deal, but Davina is still young and figuring herself out, so one person dying is still really important to her. She’s seen several deaths, but they still affect her. Tim was someone she really cared about, someone who made her feel human, and he was her first love. She hasn’t forgiven Klaus, and he hasn’t even attempted to say sorry.

The Originals 118TVLINE | I know Klaus gives Davina a gift this week. Is that his attempt at making peace?
In the next episode, you’ll definitely see him make an effort. Klaus is always trying to form alliances and get as many people on his side as he can. Having a witch in your corner, as a vampire — or a hybrid, in his case — is something he’ll always need.

TVLINE | There are only a few episodes left this season. What’s it building to?
I’d say the next couple episodes are where you’ll see things build up the most. Everyone’s been working against each other all season, and you’ll finally see it all play out. The finale is where everything crashes. The tension keeps amping up to where it all explodes, and the finale is that explosion. We’re filming it right now, and it’s crazy on set. There’s so much going on.

TVLINE | In the finale, are you forced to do things you’ve never done, both as a character and an actress?
Oh, definitely. As you’ve seen on The Vampire Diaries, the finales are action-packed and emotional. Our finale definitely hits home with all of those subjects.

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