Dallas EP Previews Pamela's 'Vengeance,' Elena's Little Problem and More Season 3B Scoop

Dallas Season 3B SpoilersDallas‘ midseason finale ended with Southfork going up in smoke — and we’ve got some burning questions about what to expect when the TNT drama returns August 18.

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Fortunately, executive producer Cynthia Cidre was happy to clear up a few things about the insane hour, as well as tease the summer premiere, which picks up mere moments after last night’s explosive finale.

PAMELA’S ‘VENGEANCE’ | Wondering what was going through Pamela’s mind when she joined John Ross and Emma in that threesome? According to Cidre, it was all part of a larger revenge plot. “She really wanted to punish them,” Cidre explains. “She wanted them never to be able to have sex again without thinking of her vomiting on them.” And Cidre says that plan will continue as soon as Pamela’s back on her feet in August: “She’s got a little vengeance in mind. She’s done with John Ross, and tells him so.”

BABY ON BOARD? | Given the lack of a time jump, don’t expect Elena to be shopping for baby clothes anytime soon — but don’t expect her oven to remain bun-less, either. “We don’t drop the ball,” Cidre says of Joaquin poking holes in Elena’s diaphragm. “Whenever we lay a seed on the ground, we let it blossom and grow.” And if you had to Google to find out what Joaquin was poking holes in, don’t worry, you’re not alone. “We were concerned people wouldn’t know what [the diaphragm] was,” Cidre admits. “I don’t think a lot of women have used it very much in the past 10 or 15 years, but there was a time when that was the contraceptive device of choice.”

KISS OF DEATH | “I figured that would really freak people out,” Cidre says of Ann and Harris’ surprise lip lock, which is not the sign of more kisses to come. “She was angry at Bobby, but she loves him. She didn’t run from the kiss, but she also kept her eyes open. We didn’t want to ruin Ann forever.” As for the peeping Tom mom who saw the kiss go down? “Judith will use it against Ann,” Cidre teases. “And her son. Both of them, actually. She’s basically our Grim Reaper.”

GOODBYE HEATHER? | Those hoping Christopher and Heather’s relationship will lead to the aisle should probably stop reading now. “I wouldn’t say the long haul, but she’s around for a while,” Cidre says of AnnaLynne McCord’s character. “That whole relationship really felt like a breath of fresh air. Christopher and John Ross had been fighting so much for the first two seasons that we got tired of it as writers. He’s so handsome, we just wanted him as a romantic lead again, and I’m glad we did that.”

How do you feel about the finale after reading Cidre’s explanations? And what are you most looking forward to when Dallas returns this summer? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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