Revenge Recap: The Case of the Poisoned Pen

Revenge Season 3 RecapApparently, there was recently a run on Sharpies in the Hamptons, because as of this week’s Revenge, Emily is no longer the only character on the show to wield a pen as if it were a sword. Read on, and I’ll “X”-plain…

PEN PALS | Early on in “Allegiance,” Emily attends a horse race wearing the largest hat I’ve seen since Dynasty unveiled Joan Collins. In spite of this, she still manages to eavesdrop on Victoria as she argues with a former Grayson Global employee, Luke Gilliam, as he loudly implicates himself in David’s downfall. Natch, the erstwhile Amanda then makes it her mission to cozy up to him — and, with Jack’s help, bring him down. (Aiden is otherwise occupied. More on that in a bit.) If this sounds like business as usual, it should. It is. When all is said and done, Emily even whips out her red Sharpie and draws an X across Luke’s face in the same photo that she’s doodled on a dozen times. But here’s where things get interesting. At that same moment, we cut to a black Sharpie also Xing Luke out on a copy of the picture. It’s Victoria! She brought Luke to the Hamptons and arranged for Emily to overhear them to test a theory — that her former daughter-in-law isn’t just out to get the Graysons. “It’s revenge,” she tells Pascal, “for David.”

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DRAG RACE | Meanwhile, with an assist from Nolan, Aiden (told you we’d get to him) has tracked down Brenda Evans, a mystery woman who’s been spending Oscar Chapman’s money since he faked his death. With good reason, too — Brenda is Oscar in a wig! (And over the shark we jump.) Off that shock, the reporter tells Aiden in a single highly informative scene that his father thought he was planting diamonds on Flight 197, not a bomb, and he didn’t kill himself, Pascal murdered him. You must come forward, Aiden says. And, since apparently he’d only been waiting for someone to ask, Oscar says okay. Shortly thereafter, he is, of course, shot in cold blood by Pascal. (Mondieu!)

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SOCIETY NEWS | In other plot developments, Conrad tries to stir up trouble between Victoria and Pascal by suggesting to his ex that Frenchie, too, has David’s blood on his hands. In turn, Pascal reveals to Conrad that he has a recording of a 20-year-old conversation that implicates them both (but would only implicate Conrad after he was done doctoring it). Jack is so irritated with Margaux for helping Daniel steal Javier’s program out from under Nolan that he more or less dumps her. (Personally, I would’ve done it when I got back from returning my alcoholic mother to the West Coast and my girlfriend asked, “Did you have fun in L.A.?”) And finally, Nolan is so irritated with Daniel that he shows up at Grayson Manor, messes with the electricity and declares war. (Sadly, he does so without slapping his enemy with a glove.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Was a bewigged Oscar too much? Did Victoria’s Sharpie redeem the hour? Hit the comments!


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