The Neighbors Season Finale Recap: There's No Place Like Home (Planet)

The Neighbors Season FinaleA surprise pregnancy, a Full House reunion and a million (incredible) cancellation jokes populated Friday’s season series finale of The Neighbors.

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The episode began with the Zabvronians preparing to bid adieu to the Weavers and return to their home planet. Their bags were packed, their extra belongings were sold and their creepy talking gingerbread creatures were nestled away for safe keeping. Yes, all appeared to in order, until a back-bump bombshell threw a wrench in the operation: Larry Bird is pregnant! (“Meow, I’m pregnant” were his exact words.)

“What hole will the baby even come out of?” everyone, including Larry’s father (special guest-star George Takei), wondered. But despite the uncertainties of giving birth in a male human body, Larry decided to remain on Earth. His family unanimously agreed to stand by his side, with Dick Butkus swearing off Harvard (“Zuckerberg didn’t need it, and neither does Butkus!”) and Reggie deciding not to become a human, though he assured Amber he was still willing to “go bald and poop” for her.

The Neighbors Season FinaleIn the end, the Weavers and the aliens (do they even have a last name?) remained the only residents in the neighborhood, though they were eventually joined by a chipper new couple — the much-hyped Full House reunion of Candace-Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger — which prompted an emphatic “Oh, crap” from a very pregnant Larry.

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If this finale turns out to be the show’s last hurrah — ABC has yet to renew The Neighbors for a third season — at least it got the last laugh. The episode began with Jackie thanking “those two Tim Allen fans who accidentally tuned in,” which was followed by a steady stream of wink-nudge jokes. (“The things that have come out of my mouth this season…” Debbie remarked at one point.)

Of course, the greatest cancellation jokes were saved for the very end. “I don’t know what things are going to look like this time next year,” Larry told the remaining crew, to which Jackie suggested “Wednesdays?” and Reggie added, “I’ve heard whispers about ABC Family.”

Maybe it’s best to end on Larry’s hopeful, and very true, sentiment: “No one thought we would last this long, but we did, and so help me, we will do it again.”

(Good luck, Neighbors.)

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