The Originals Sneak Peek: An Explosion Brings 'Hatred' and 'Death' to the Big Easy

A fire breaks out at the Crescent wolves’ camp in The Originals‘ April 22 episode, ominously titled “An Unblinking Death,” and a new batch of photos reveals at least one victim of the fiery chaos…

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Elijah’s suit! (Don’t even try to tell me I’m overreacting. Elijah loves those suits, and now that Hayley is off with Jackson, they’re all he’s got.)

Though Elijah works with Hayley to help the wounded wolves, the whole event “adds to the hatred and mistrust among the [vampire and werewolf] communities,” per the episode’s official description.

Can’t we all just get along?!

Browse pics from the April 19 episode below, then drop a comment: How do you think this vampire-werewolf war will play out?


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