Glee Recap: I Know Things Now

Glee Kurt AttackedGlee‘s happy-go-lucky sextet was hit with a one-two punch Tuesday, forcing everyone to deal with issues of sexuality, violence and fear. Honestly, though, did you expect anything lighter from a Stephen Sondheim tribute episode?

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Of course, some good did come out of this week’s tragic hour. Not only did Kurt rediscover his inner strength — he’s back, not that I was doubting him — but a certain fan-favorite couple is also officially out in the open. Things are definitely looking up for the Lima, Ohio, transplants. But first…

MAN DOWN | Kurt got a nasty first-hand encounter with hate this week when he tried to intervene in a gay bash and ended up in the hospital, himself. The tragedy brought the gang together, and even gave Blaine an idea for a new exam song. (I wonder how he intro’d that one to the class.) We were also treated to a sweet scene between Kurt and Burt — including a nice throwback to Kurt’s days as a kicker for the McKinley High football team — which led to the best solo Kurt performance since “Rose’s Turn.” Rachel was right when she gushed about how talented Kurt is. Hot damn.

‘I QUIT’ | NYADA? More like BYE-ada! After getting an “F” on her duet with Blaine — it was good, but not quite what was asked of her — Rachel pulled a Barbara Walters and told Whoopi Goldberg she was quitting. Though Kurt assumed his brush with death would change Rachel’s mind about dropping out (she claimed he was too afraid to take risks), no such luck. Here’s hoping Funny Girl is a smash hit, or else Ms. Berry will be eating her words.

SAMCEDES | Last week, Mercedes threatened to bite Sam’s lips off if he tried to kiss her — and oh, what a difference a week makes. Samcedes returned in full-force this week, complete with a make-out sesh and a romantic stroll along the East River. (R.I.P., fur coat!) Unfortunately, there’s still that little issue of Sam being completely brain-dead, so an awkward conversation about weaves and wigs between Sam and Mercedes’ pals nearly brought their rebooted ‘ship to a screeching halt.

And by “nearly,” I mean it totally did. With her back-up singers whispering in her ear, Mercedes explained to Sam that no one will take her seriously as a black singer if she’s dating a white dude. “You and I are not a couple, and I think you should move out,” she told him. (Ouch!) Fortunately, and I use that word loosely, Kurt’s assault helped Mercedes come to her senses and see how “messed up” it was that she and Sam split over race.

Lessons learned all around! (Also, Artie was there.)

And now, we play the rating game…
Kurt, Rachel, Blaine and Sam: “No One Is Alone” — Rating: A
Mercedes: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” — Rating: A-
Rachel and Blaine: “Broadway Baby” — Rating: B+
Blaine: “Not While I’m Around” — Rating: C+
Mercedes: “Colorblind” — Rating: A-
Kurt: “I’m Still Here” — Rating: A

What was your favorite song this week? And are you glad Sam and Mercedes are finally back together? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your review.


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