Report: Battlestar Galactica Movie in the Works, But Hold Up, Starbuck -- There's a Twist

Battlestar Galactica MovieThe big-screen return of Adama, Starbuck, Boomer and Baltar? So say we all!

But just a minute, Battlestar Galactica fans: The version of the sci-fi series that’s being planned for the big screen is a “complete reimagining of the story,” Variety reports.

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The story basics will remain the same: Humans fight a long, bloody battle against sentient robots known as Cylons (and the term “frak” is bandied about a lot).

But Ron Moore — who masterminded the sci-fi classic’s popular 2003 reboot on Syfy — is not attached to the project, though original series creator Glen Larson is a producer on the film.

Jack Paglen (Transcendence) reportedly will pen the movie’s script.

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