HBO's Silicon Valley: Did It Byte?

Silicon Valley Series Premiere HBODo you give HBO’s new tech comedy Silicon Valley a hearty “Like,” or does it deserve the rainbow wheel/blue screen of death?

Before you answer, a brief recap of Sunday’s series premiere (which aired at 10/9c): Thomas Middleditch (The LeagueThe Office) plays Richard, a shy computer whiz who works at one of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies hooli (think Google).

The soft-spoken Richard spends his off time developing his own online marvel in an “incubator” run by the boorish Ehrlich (The Goodwin Games‘ TJ Miller), himself a computer-geek-turned-rich-dude. Other incubator dwellers include Big Head (Josh Brener, The Big Bang Theory), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani, Franklin & Bash) and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr, NTSF:SD: SUV::), all of whom wouldn’t mind making a fraction of the cash sites like hooli bring in on a daily basis.

Richard’s chance comes sooner than expected, though, when the algorithm in his Pied Piper music-search engine turns out to be even more valuable than he imagined. The self-important hooli CEO Gavin Belson (Matt Ross, American Horror Story) and his assistant Jared (Zach Woods, The Office) offer millions outright; a TED-talk-giving billionaire named Peter Gregory (Christopher Evan Welch, Rubicon) instead wants to buy into the nascent company — for far less — and see where it can go.

After much nervous puking and some gentle advice from Gregory’s lovely associate Monica (Amanda Crew, Suits), Richard decides to accept Peter’s offer and build his company into something spectacular. “Let’s see how high this rocket can fly,” Ehrlich says, stoked.

Silicon Valley is from the mind of Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-HeadKing of the Hill), which means it’s funny, raunchy and smart. And with a Google-ized tech culture so ripe for the picking — bicycle meetings! corporate rock walls! CEOs with spiritual advisors! — there’s plenty of comedy for this start-up to mine.

That’s what we thought; now it’s your turn. Grade Silicon Valley via the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments.


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