HIMYM's Saddest Reveal? No Good Wife Gossip? Did Scandal Deliver Sex-y Face? And More TV Qs

Once Upon a TimeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including How I Met Your Mother, Justified, Parenthood and The Big Bang Theory!

1 | Though we’re lamenting that Hannibal had to kill off the awesome Beverly Katz, wasn’t the way she went – sliced up into giant microscope slides – kinda cool? (Yet sick. Definitely sick. But cool.)

2 | Can every Saturday Night Live host from now on just do a Louis CK stand-up set instead of a monologue?

3 | Once Upon a Time fans, did it take you a minute to figure out who Neal was referring to with: “I almost married a minion of my evil grandfather, Peter Pan”? (RIP, Tamara!)

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4 | While we recognize that Resurrection won’t answer every question right away, can the ABC drama to pick up the pace just a little? After four episodes, have we learned anything about why “the returned” have come back to Arcadia?

5 | Does The Good Wife really expect us to believe that with today’s social media, emails and texting, not a single Lockhart Gardner employee had heard about the shooting at the courthouse, and that one of their own was caught in the crossfire? Really? And as the Governor of Illinois, why was Peter not alerted that there was a deadly courthouse shooting in Chicago?

6 | What does The Walking Dead have against kids? After the show had Lizzie murder her sister and Carol put down Lizzie, was it absolutely essential that Carl nearly get raped in the season finale?

Last Forever Part One7 | Did any other How I Met Your Mother fans find themselves surprisingly crushed by how dramatically Robin lost touch with the gang? Like, even more so than they were over The Mother’s death, or Barney and Robin’s divorce?

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8 | Doesn’t The Tomorrow People’s Stephen seem too young to be with Cara, yet too old to be with Hillary (played by the youthful-looking Alexa Vega)?

9 | On a scale of one to “Oh hell no!,” how irked are you that The Voice is quietly eliminating the Live Playoffs, allowing its coaches to narrow down the Season 6 field from 20 down to 12 all by themselves and delaying the public vote until April 21?

Person of Interest10 | Could Person of Interest‘s Shaw be any less of a “Betty”? Also: How did she end up barefoot (!) during the shoot-out in a chem lab full of shattered glass beakers?

11 | Why would Glee do a storyline about Sam becoming an underwear model without giving us actual scenes of him modeling underwear? #NeverFeltSoCheated

12 | From Cougar Town fan/TVLine reader Jenna: “Whatever happened to Grayson’s daughter Tampa?”

Justified13 | Anyone else hoping Justified‘s final season finds Raylan settling down with Alicia Witt’s anti-heroine Wendy Crowe?

14 | If we ask very nicely, will all of the View hosts promise never to go topless during a broadcast again?

15 | At what point do “Sophie Grace and Rosie” appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — again — starts to feel exploitative-y?

16 | How does Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler always seem to direct the “OMG, I can’t believe they went there!”-level of creepy episodes?

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17 | How did Arrow‘s Slade know Thea’s true paternity? Or, maybe our Q is this: How was Moira able to hide the secret for two decades only to have two different people (Felicity, Slade) uncover it within a matter of weeks?

18 | What was Luke Wheeler’s frustrated punch in the car all about on Nashville? Do Maddie and Daphne know any songs besides “Ho Hey”? And, as TVLine reader Molly points out, wasn’t $400,000 a lot of royalties for Gunnar to make off two recently released songs?

19 | Are you surprised it took this long Scandalfor The Americans to work the Jennings’ vast wig/costume collection into their bedroom antics?

20 | Did Scandal, by having to shoot around Kerry Washington’s baby bump, just give us TV’s face-iest extended sex scene ever?

21 | Has there been a more romantic recent Grey’s Anatomy moment than Mer showing sickly Derek a video of her delivering his VIP speech? And given how much up was chucked in this week’s episode, shouldn’t ABC have supplied barf bags?

22 | How weird is it to see The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon and Amy regularly kissing?!

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23 | Was there anything more unsettling on TV this week than Parks and Recreation‘s Orin dressing up as April’s mom?

I Can't Believe It's Not Butter24 | What’s going on in Julia’s head on Parenthood that she couldn’t get through a date with Ed, but felt comfortable sleeping with Mr. Knight just days later?

25 | Show of hands: Did the insane visual of a woman blow-drying a chicken in I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!’s “fluffy eggs” campaign make you hit the rewind button on your DVR?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!