Cougar Town Finale Recap: Goodbye… For Now?

cougar-town-season-5-finale-recapCougar Town‘s Season 5 finale was all about expecting the unexpected, if you will.

Tom won a game of Cul-de-Sac Crew Trivia, was allowed to pick the destination for the group vacation and chose… for everyone to stay home and bond. (He deserved that dinner roll to the noggin, yes?) Bobby and Grayson signed up for a two-on-two basketball league… and wound up in a breakdancing contest against a bunch of teens. And Jules used a container of Laurie’s pee to fake her way through a life-insurance physical… only to get a follow-up call from her doctor that she was pregnant.

Sure it took a second — and some prompting from Ellie — for Jules to remember whose urine was signaling the presence of a bun in the oven (or should we call it a grape in the vineyard?), but considering Laurie’s season-long romance with Jules’ son Travis, you could still say Courteney Cox’s protagonist was in a family/grandmotherly way.

The remainder of the installment focused on Jules & Co. figuring out the best way to break the news to Laurie and Travis — all while the young lovers pretended to be Andy’s nouveau riche newlywed clients (part of a plan to help him impress his boss), then had a blowout fight after discovering their life goals didn’t exactly line up. (Who’dve thunk the Foster Child Formerly Known as Buffy McRichdollar dreamed of a quiet country life with five kids?)

A heart-to-heart with his grandfather Chick, however, got Travis to realize that no amount of success would be worthwhile if Laurie wasn’t there at the center of it all — and that revelation led to the couple’s very first exchange of “I love yous.” (Awwww.) Jules then gathered all of our regular characters for a vino-filled announcement party and dropped the bombshell on her son and his girlfriend. “I feel like I just got hit in the face with a two-by-four,” responded Laurie. “And yes, I know what that feels like.”

In the end, though, Travis and Laurie decided they could face anything together — especially with the help of the people who love them. “Believe it or not,” Chick shared with soon-to-be-a-grandma Jules, “there may come a day when you look back and realize this was the best thing that ever happened to you.”

If this turns out to be Cougar Town‘s series, not season, finale — and the title card’s “Goodbye… For Now?” message left the show’s fortunes as hazy as Jules after a wine-and-happy-pills cocktail — then “We Stand a Chance” certainly served as a sweet, sentimental sendoff. So let’s all grab a glass (or a vase disguised as a glass), crack open a bottle of red and pound some grape for one of the most underrated comedies of the decade. When you’re done, throw your hands in the air and give one last “What-what?!”  (Oh, Laurie, I think I’ll miss you most of all.)

Episode’s Best Quotes
“I have the occasional glass of wine with my friends.” –Jules, blatantly lying to her physician

“All my purses are either day-glo or held up in a police evidence locker.” –Laurie, explaining why she needs to borrow a purse from Jules

“Grandpas don’t believe in breaking battles: They’re fragile and loud music frightens them.” –Grayson, pondering his and Bobby’s ability to participate in a breakdancing competition now that Travis is about to be a dad

“Don’t joke: I packed my Thelma & Louise bag six years ago. Say the word and I’ll go grab it… We can kiss every time we cross a state line.” –Ellie, responding (a little too quickly) to Jules’ wondering if they should “hop into a car, drive west and never look back” instead of coming clean to Travis and Laurie

“I’m a brain surgeon… and my largest expense is doll clothes.” –Tom, explaining to Andy that, yes, he is a millionaire

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