HIMYM Series Finale: The Big Mother Reveal and 15 More Memorable Moments in Photos

Laughter. Tears. Hellos. Goodbyes. Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother had it all, including some of the most highly anticipated moments in the CBS sitcom’s nine-season run.

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And while it wasn’t the easiest hour for the gang — or the audience — it was absolutely unforgettable. From Barney’s first moments with his daughter (we’re still misty!) to the long-awaited reveal of the mother’s name (hi, Tracy!) TVLine assembled 16 of our top moments from the final episode.

Some were big and game-changing, while others were small and sentimental, but they all mattered.

What was your favorite moment from the HIMYM finale? Any missing from our list? Browse our gallery below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.


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