Why Did Glee Skip a Tune? Does Good Wife Need New Love? Bad Girls Message? And More TV Qs!

Dramatics, Your HonorWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Good Wife, Girls, Scandal, The Following and New Girl!

1 | Good Wife spoiler alert! Now that you-know- who is dead – sniff, sniff – should the show (finally) split up Alicia and Peter and bring in a new love interest (in due time, of course) for the lady lawyer?

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2 | Since The Walking Dead’s Daryl got so pissed off when Len suggested he was messed up over not just a woman but a very young woman, are we supposed to think that he thought of Beth as a love interest or a sister?

How I Met Your Mother3 | Can Girls please stop sending the message that self-absorbed, hot-and-cold Adam is somehow desirable boyfriend material?

4 | Did How I Met Your Mother‘s Robin really pick out those frilly, pink bridesmaid dresses? And is The Mother too similar to Ted? Do you really want to marry yourself?

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5 | How did Bones‘ Booth know how to play “Happy Birthday” on the one-man-band contraption?

6 | TVLine reader/The Following fan Belinda asks: “How incredible yet also creepy was the way in which the actor portraying a young Joe Carroll was able to perfectly mimic James Purefoy’s voice and cadence?”

7 | Castle fans: We love us some Salli-Richardson Whitfield, to be sure, but wasn’t there simply very little “family resemblance” between her and Penny Johnson Jerald?

Being Human8 | With Being Human ending soon, who else votes for a wolfish Sam Witwer to return to Portland as a more permanent part of Grimm‘s Scooby Gang?

9 | Is there any more indisputable sign that a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race has gone off the deep end — and yes, Laganja, we’re talking to you — than when even airhead Adore rolls her eyes at the histrionics?

10 | So Glee‘s Blaine got into NYADA, and we didn’t get to see (or even hear about) his audition? Seriously? On a more somber note, did your heart break a bit when the camera cut to Lea Michele’s Rachel watching Puck and Quinn’s “Just Give Me a Reason,” seeing how it really should’ve been her and the late Finn giving the final performance in New Directions’ rehearsal room?

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11 | Be honest: Aren’t you at least a little glad that New Girl‘s Nick and Jess broke up?IMG_00000358

12 | Was part of Justified‘s plan for Season 5 to see how many inventive ways they could kill a person? Danny’s accidental impalement, Picker’s death-by-cigarettes…

13 | Show of hands, Cougar Town fans: Who gasped — then howled with laughter — after Big Daddy Pain smashed the podium from Travis graduation ceremony over Bobby’s head?

14 | Did you catch Arrow‘s “Gail St. and Simone” nod to Birds of Prey comics scribe Gail Simone? And how has Laurel not yet figured out that her sister is the Canary, especially after their extended interaction this week? (How she managed to become a lawyer, we’ll never know.)

Mixology15 | Mixology‘s single mom simply has to be Nancy Travis’ real-life daughter or something, right?

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16 | Are we really supposed to be swoon-y about Suburgatory‘s Malik and Lisa getting engaged, considering that they’re both still in high school?

17 | Couldn’t we have lived without seeing The Americans‘ Phillip — how shall we put this? — “attend to the Israeli spy’s bathroom needs”? And where does Martha telling “Jenny” about Clark’s sexual prowess rank among TV’s Most Awkward Conversations Ever?

18 | With the American Idol results show down to 30 minutes, would anyone notice if the show cut loose “mentor” Randy Jackson altogether?

19 | Which is the bigger jinx — Christian Slater, or ABC’s Tuesdays-at-10 time slot? (RIP, Detroit 1-8-7, Private Practice, Body of Proof, Lucky 7, Killer Women, Mind Games…)

20 | What exactly does Vampire Diaries‘ Tyler — who doesn’t go to school or have a job — do all day?

21 | Really, Scandal‘s Mellie? You’re giving a [spoiler] in a room just off a main White House hallway, and you don’t lock the door? Trust us, Andrew would have gladly waited the five seconds.

GMA-Kardashian-Kids22 | When did Good Morning America become Home Shopping Network? And is shilling for a Kardashian line of products really the way to maintain your position as the No. 1 morning show?

23 | Previously, we took late-night TV’s Jimmy Kimmel to task for going to the Matt Damon well too often, and cast side eye at Seth Meyers’ set. Now turning to Jimmy Fallon: Does the Tonight Show host know that he doesn’t have to serve up some zany, sure-to-be-viral moment Every. Single. Night? The bits can be amusing, sure, but at some point there’s a whiff of Desperation To Be Relevant.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!