Post Mortem: Suits' Rick Hoffman on Louis' Romantic Turmoil, Betraying (?) Rachel and More

Suits Season 3 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of Suits, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

Poor Louis.

On Thursday’s Suits, the lawyer received a rude awakening when he had a heart attack in court.

Still, Louis managed to make something good come out of a bad situation by proposing to his girlfriend Sheila (played by Rachael Harris). Unfortunately, their engagement barely got off the ground before they realized that they have different desires when it comes to kids. (She doesn’t want any.)

TVLine spoke to star Rick Hoffman about his character’s broken heart, his friendship with Harvey and his deal with Rachel. Plus: The actor hints at a surprising turn for Louis that will take place in the season finale.

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TVLINE | When you got the script, did you ever worry, “They’re killing me off. Oh, crap?”
Well, no, because [executive producer] Aaron [Korsh] has been pranking me with Jon Cowan, one of the other writers. They played with my neurosis early on in Season 2. They wrote something, actually, in one of the scripts when Louis looked at a card to see if he was going to move to another firm. [They] wrote right afterwards, “This is where Rick Hoffman worries about his job.” Aaron’s fired me for good luck about, I want to say, pretty much once a month. So at this point and time, I knew Louis was eventually going to be OK. My worry these days is whether Louis has to be naked again. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m surprised they get away with showing people’s behinds on USA Network.
I remember, years ago, when the character Sipowicz on NYPD Blue made a big headline for showing his butt in the shower. You know when they’re making your character naked for comedic purposes, it’s sort of a sign it’s time to get in shape.

TVLINE | The heart attack is also a sign that Louis needs to get in shape. So are you pumping iron now?
[Laughs] Let’s just say I’m not exactly pumping. But yeah, especially after this fun college tour we just took, I, as an actor, have been much healthier, and I’m starting to feel lighter. We’ll see for Season 4. Louis may be a little lighter than usual.

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TVLINE | Were you sad to see the romance between Louis and Sheila go?
I was, as was Rachael [Harris], because we both really loved working together, and it was a really fun avenue to drive up for a while. There’ll be other fish to fry for Louis in not only these last two episodes of Season 3, but from what I’m hearing, Season 4. I thought it was a really fun aspect of Louis’ life that they covered. It just made him more of a human being. I love the ending, as far as that montage and the music they chose. For me, it exemplifies how fantastic Suits is and why I’m so proud of it. It was a very, very well done ending to a great episode.

TVLINE | How is he handling the break-up going forward?
Let’s just say: not well. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Do you imagine Louis will get another love interest at some point? Or is trying to win back Sheila and changing his stance on kids something we might see?
I don’t know. Knowing Aaron, when certain chapters are closed, they’re closed. I’m sure –eventually, God willing, if we continue on for quite a while — yes. We can now maybe look into one of the other characters’ love lives, and Louis can go on to other things. But I think, eventually, they’ll get around to something else. Maybe. It would be great. Let’s just hope Rachael’s show, Surviving Jack, does very well. Then we know we have to go up other avenues to find Louis’ new love interest. For now, it’s a done deal.

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Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | What’s your take on the Louis/Rachel situation? Did he play her? Or did he simply forget to tell Jessica about the deal he made?
Oh yeah, [he forgot]. Absolutely. Me, personally, I believe that. I don’t think they’re going to address that again. They wanted to leave it to [Rachel] to learn to fight her own battles, and it was great comeuppance for Rachel for her to handle it herself… It was just probably one of those things that he said he would do. Knowing him, he probably planned to. He wouldn’t betray his associates. He wants his associates to do well. Even though Rachel’s not an associate, he sees talent in Rachel and he believes in her. He did push for her for Harvard. So you know Louis’ intentions are good.

TVLINE | One of my favorite moments in the episode is when Louis asked Harvey to be his best man. Have they officially turned a corner in their relationship for good?
For good? No. For now? Yes. [Laughs] Louis is Louis, and he keeps tripping over himself. So I’m sure there’ll be something he screws up.

TVLINE | What does the end of the season hold for Louis?
You see an unexpected side of Louis in handling something that’s a very delicate situation that the firm has to deal with, and Louis is very much involved. People may be surprised.