Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Yin and Yang

Grey's Anatomy Do You Know?At the start of this week’s blessedly Cristinacentric episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Sandra Oh’s lady doctor performs a medical miracle, only to be informed nanoseconds later by Derek that her patient will spend the life she just saved as a quadriplegic.

Certain that that’s the last thing her husband would want, the accident victim’s spouse has Cristina wake him so that he can consent to the removal of his ventilator. “Do you know who you are?” Cristina asks Jason, the unfortunate soul in question — and, at the same time, herself. “Do you know what’s happened to you?”

Finally, as she inquires whether he wants to terminate treatment, she directs the same basic question in her own direction: “Do you want to live this way?” As she tries to come up with answers, we’re spun into the Grey Sloan version of Sliding Doors…

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THE WORKING MOTHER | In the first scenario, after Jason chooses to die, Cristina stops Owen at the elevator and says simply, passionately, “We should be together. You are the love of my life, and it is stupid, just stupid for us to keep pretending.” So, in a series of scenes spanning years, they move into a house together, adopt a mutt that they name Mrs. Rodriguez (even though she’s a he), and she starts popping out babies. But no sooner has she given birth to their first child than she’s whispering presciently to Mer, “I screwed up.” (Literally, it’s a blink later.) Flash-forward a few more years, and instead of accepting a Harper Avery Award for her research, she’s giving the award to the doctor to whom she handed off her trials — Shane — and then sobbing in a bathroom stall (and not just because Shane should never, ever have grown a beard, either).

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DR. JEKYLL | In scenario 2, after Jason chooses to live, Cristina stops Owen at the elevator to invite him to celebrate… naked. And though he insists that he’s cool with the status quo of their no-strings dalliance, of course, he isn’t really cool with it at all. He wants more. In this alternate universe, Owen — tellingly, not Cristina — recommends Jason for enrollment in Derek and Callie’s trials, which go so fantastically well that, paralysis be damned, the patient walks again! And then collapses. In a panic, Jason’s wife asks for Cristina, but she’s so caught up in her work that she snaps at Owen, “If the guy’s heart is fine, I don’t have time to hold someone’s hand right now.” (Brrr!) At least, to her credit, Cristina knows that, in this parallel world, she and Owen are a toxic combo. Unfortunately, after she asks Mer to help her stay away from Owen for both of their sakes, he develops a major drinking problem. So, as she’s accepting her fourth Harper Avery Award in a row, he’s being axed for treating patients while soused. (Just as tragic, Shane still has that beard.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? After Jason decided for real to terminate life-support, what do you think Cristina was going to say to Owen before Mer distracted her? Hit the comments!