Community Sneak Peek: In Animated G.I. Joe Riff, 'Buzzkill' Britta Teaches Kids a Lesson

On April 3, the Community gang gets animated — again, though this time in the style of old G.I. Joe cartoons — and NBC has released a fun sneak peek.

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Few details are known about the why of the episode, which is titled “G.I. Jeff,” save for the fact that it will send the study group “on a Wizard of Oz-type journey through the world of G.I. Joe,” EP Chris McKenna told Entertainment Weekly, and that it will emerge as a “significant” episode in the scheme of things.

In this sneak peek, which is actually a PSA-style tag for the episode, Britta (whose soldier alter ego is dubbed “Buzzkill”) tries to teach some vandals a larger lesson, until “Fourth Wall” (aka Abed) shows up to boil things down nice and simple for them.