The Fosters' David Lambert on Whether It's Over for Brandon/Callie, 'Odd' Connection With Dani

The Fosters Season 1 SpoilersGrand gestures and emotional confessions will only get The Fosters‘ troubled lovebirds Brandon and Callie so far in Monday’s spring finale (ABC Family, 9/8c).

With Adoption Day upon them, Callie’s “hands are tied” when it comes to her feelings for her soon-to-be foster brother, star David Lambert reveals below.

Plus, now that her ex Wyatt is back in town, he’s filling the void left by Brandon, who’s forced to face the consequences of his recent bad-boy behavior. Perhaps pseudo-mom Dani will help him get over his troubles?

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TVLINE | How much of Brandon’s speech about Callie not feeling the same about him as he does about her was real?
That was an interesting scene. I think, personally, a lot of that was bluff. That was Brandon solidifying and making it a believable reason behind why he would frame Callie…

Brandon has always had a connection with Callie and has very intense feelings for her and cares about her greatly. They’re very close, obviously. But there’s always this underlying thing of Brandon really almost loves her from afar, in a weird way. Callie always has so much on her plate that he tends to be that person for her. But things have gotten so nutty now, it can’t be that even though he wants that so much. It definitely could have some truth in [it], for sure.

TVLINE | Going into the finale, does this big gesture that Brandon made sway Callie in any way?
I feel like her hands are tied. There’s not much to do in this situation. They’re looking to get adopted by Stef and Lena and become part of the family. Brandon, as much as he would want to leave [his moms’ house] and give that up to be with Callie, it just can’t happen. It’s just one of those things where it’s a fantasy at this point — or at least that’s where it’s looking like it’s going. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. In Callie’s mind, she’s just so set to be adopted, to have a family, to have a place where she belongs, to stop worrying. She’s tired at this point. The Brandon thing is an unfortunate occurrence, but I don’t think she feels like there’s much she can do there.

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TVLINE | This season, we’ve seen Brandon dealing with things in a unhealthy way. With the adoption approaching very quickly, how is he coping?
He is feeling the effects of all these poor choices he’s making with the fake ID stuff, and now the truth comes out about him giving money to Ana. It’s a brutal time for Brandon everywhere you turn. It didn’t go well with Callie. It’s not going to go well with his parents. He’s having to face the facts, and it won’t be a nice time for Brandon. In the finale, we’re going to see an extension of that. We’re going to see a little bit more of Vico and Brandon. Overall, it’s all the things that Brandon’s been doing throughout the season all culminating and the way it affects him. It’s a very interesting growth period for him. Going into Season 2, he’s going to mull a few things and probably shift gears a little bit.

TVLINE | They’ve added a little bit more of an edge to Brandon this season. Have you enjoyed dirtying him up, so to speak?
Definitely. I was excited to do that with Brandon from the second I started playing [him]. I assumed this kid is very wholesome and very happy, so it’s only a matter of time until it completely goes away for him and something’s going to happen. I wasn’t sure to what extent or how that would present itself. But yeah, I’ve really enjoyed making mistakes as Brandon and fielding all those internal conflicts. It’s been very fun.

TVLINE | Callie also made a big confession that she didn’t sleep with Wyatt. How does Brandon take that? And where does Wyatt fit in?
Wyatt definitely is in the picture. And Wyatt is a good guy, too. He is good for Callie in his own way. They are really genuinely friends, I believe. That’s only more to add on to what I was saying earlier about Brandon feeling like there’s a wall between them. There just kind of has to be. Wyatt is a way for Callie to get distracted almost and not have to worry about Brandon. What does Brandon do? He’s going through so much right now anyway with his own mess-ups that, as of right now, I feel like he doesn’t even want to deal with the whole Callie thing. That messes up him and causes him a lot of anxiety. But Wyatt is definitely a good rock for Callie and should be around to help her and be a good friend almost in the way that Brandon used to be.

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TVLINE | I’m getting a very borderline inappropriate vibe from Brandon and Dani. Am I reading too much into that? Is there something going on there?
No, I don’t think you’re reading too much into it. It’s a very odd relationship between them. I, personally, think Brandon feels indebted to her a little bit because she’s gotten him out of tight spots and has been this odd ear for him, in a way. She’s this female figure, but she’s not one of his moms and she’s not Callie. So who is this other kind of person that he can talk to? He feels that and he knows it’s something new. That’s a little intriguing to him. It maybe makes it easier for him to open up to her. … Her connection with Brandon is somewhere in between maternal, but then she almost enjoys the attention that she gets from him. It’s a very interesting relationship, and those scenes are always very interesting to film with Marla [Sokoloff], who plays Dani. I really enjoy them. It’s going to get interesting. There’ll be more of that in the finale, as well.

TVLINE | The last finale really packed a punch. How would you describe this cliffhanger?
It’s definitely going to affect people, and it’s going to be maybe the best one yet. I don’t know. I might be speaking too soon. It’s going to be good though. It’s going to be shocking. There’s always going to be a good amount of drama