Exclusive Bones Sneak Peek: Booth and Brennan Bicker Over Bouncy Houses, Childhood Trauma

For the past nine seasons, we’ve all referred to Temperance Brennan as “Bones,” but maybe “Buzzkill” would be a more appropriate nickname moving forward.

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TVLine has an exclusive first look at tonight’s episode of Bones (Fox, 8/7c) in which Booth and Brennan go into party planning mode for Christine’s birthday. Unfortunately, Brennan kind of forgets the part where birthdays are supposed to be fun.

“A recent study showed that over the past 10 years, approximately 65,000 children were treated for injuries received on bouncy houses,” she notes in the clip.

To be fair, Brennan’s anti-party philosophy stems from her own hot mess of a childhood — families running from the FBI don’t do bouncy houses — which we have a hunch Booth will rectify by the end of the hour.

Hit PLAY on the video below to watch Booth and Brennan bicker over party plans, then drop a comment with your thoughts.


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