Exclusive Crisis Sneak Peek: What, No Hero's Welcome for Secret Service Agent Finley...?

On NBC’s Crisis, it’ll be high-fives all around for Secret Service Marcus Finley, right? Right…?

Hmm, maybe not.

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As the freshman thriller continues this Sunday at 10/9c, the FBI casts some serious side-eye at the guy who A) happened to be guarding the First Son the day the kid and his classmates got ‘napped, B) survived a gun shot at close range and C) somehow escaped the bus trip ambush, D) went on to lure one of the baddies into a lethal trap and E) then got his charge, plucky student Anton, to safety.

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Check out this clip from Episode 2 to see Finley (played by Lance Gross) face off against FBI agent Susie Dunn (Rachael Taylor), while smarty-pants Anton absolutely burns some feds of his own.