Exclusive Californication First Look: Hank Hits Rock Bottom (Again!) in Final Season

Hank Moody is finally ready to get his life together in the final season of Showtime’s Californication — premiering April 13 at 9:30/8:30c — but as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive first-look promo, it might already be too late.

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His first misfire comes when he tries to make amends with Karen. “I have always loved you, and I will always love you,” he tells her — just moments before she introduces him to her handsome new yoga buddy, played by Roger Howarth (General Hospital, One Life to Live). Strike one.

Then there’s Hank’s career. Considering he’s already “taken a s–t” on books, movies and theater, there’s only one medium left on which Hank can metaphorically defecate: television! And defecate he does, by sleeping with his actresses and fighting with his writers. Strike two.

Will Hank find a way to reach strike three? Given his track record, we’re remaining optimistic.

Hit PLAY on the promo video below for your first look at Californication‘s final season.


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