Arrow's Michael Rowe on Deadshot 'Playing Nice' with Diggle, the Suicide Squad's Misfire and More

Arrow Suicide Squad DeadshotThe Suicide Squad makes its highly anticipated debut in tonight’s Arrow (The CW, 8/7c) and could truly become a force to be reckoned with — assuming its members don’t kill each other first.

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TVLine spoke with Michael Rowe, the actor behind Deadshot’s wicked aim, about what to expect from his character’s new position — and whether or not we might actually find ourselves liking the man who killed Diggle’s brother.

TVLINE | Let’s start with your character, who we’ve only seen solo at this point. How will he function in a group setting?
You see his personality come out and you see his sense of humor a lot more, which is how he is in the comics. All these characters have appeared separately throughout the arc of Season 2, but this is the first time they’re assembled together — the first official appearance of the Suicide Squad. A chemical weapons threat takes us on an overseas mission to take out the character responsible for that. Diggle and Lyla being attached to the team makes for some really interesting scenes to say the least.

TVLINE | Ah, Diggle. I imagine he won’t be happy to see Deadshot?
[Laughs] Yes, he’s obviously less-than-thrilled to see me, and very surprised. It’s a continuation of what was already between them; it progresses their relationship. He has a lot of issues, but I’ve already said my piece in the past about the situation regarding his brother. We’re forced to play nice just while we’re together in this team setting.

arrow-suicide-squad-postTVLINE | And what does Deadshot bring to that team?
Each character has their speciality. I’m the weapons guy, Shrapnel’s good with explosives, Diggle’s kind of a jack of all trades — he has ties to the people we’re battling from his history in Afghanistan — and Bronze Tiger does his thing, too. Amanda Waller, of course, is the brains of the operation, running things. She moves the pieces, but it doesn’t go exactly the way she plans it.

TVLINE | Why am I not surprised? Does that have anything to do with Deadshot making things difficult?
I will say he really doesn’t play nice with anybody. But because they’ve made [joining this team] very appealing to him, I don’t know if he have much of a choice. So he joins the team, but he still sticks it to everybody every chance he gets.

TVLINE | Are we going to like Deadshot?
Well, he’s obviously a messed-up dude, but there are reasons for that. It’s really boring to just view someone as a monster. When you figure out what makes them tick, that’s when things get interesting. I think there will be moments when you kind of understand Deadshot, and that’s why I like playing him. There’s something about him you can’t help but like. This guy doesn’t like himself. He doesn’t care about his own life, and that’s very freeing.