Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: Shot Through the Heart, But Who's to Blame?

Pretty Little Liars Season FinaleThe Season 4 finale of Pretty Little Liars took us deep inside the mind of Alison DiLaurentis, which was just as dark and twisted as you’d expect. But the really messed up part came when we learned who tried to bury Ali’s body… and who knew she was alive the whole time!

After recalling her many false “A” accusations — first Jenna, then Toby, then literally every member of the PLLs — Alison revealed what actually happened the night she went missing, including all the people she encountered along the way. Let’s take them one-by-one, shall we?

EZRA | It turns out Ezra was telling Aria the truth about his relationship with Alison… mostly. The night Ali disappeared, Ezra discovered she was underage and finally broke things off with her. Their parting was tense, but it was amicable, and Ezra certainly didn’t seem to be in murder-mode.

IAN | Ali left Ezra to confront Ian about their little tryst, threatening to release all of his home movies if he — or whoever “A” was — didn’t stop harassing her. Ian stormed off into the woods, which led to a nasty backyard confrontation between Ali and…

SPENCER | …a shovel-wielding Spencer! The reason Spencer wasn’t passed out, like the other three girls Ali drugged, was because she was taking speed. And strangely enough, Ali genuinely agreed to keep Spencer’s little drug habit a secret.

BYRON | The last person Ali “needed” to see that night was Byron, just to let him know she had proof about his affair. Their encounter was fairly uneventful — as most Byron encounters are — so we’ll just move on.

MRS. DILAURENTIS | OK, here’s the crazy part: While walking back home, Ali was hit over the head, and Mrs. DiLaurentis saw the whole thing! What’s worse, she‘s the one who buried her daughter alive!

MONA | Still covered in dirt, Ali wobbled her way down the street until Mona picked her up and took her a motel, under the name “Vivian Darkbloom,” no less. That’s when Mona concocted the whole plan for Ali to “die” in order to unmask “A.” She was in on it from the beginning!

And if you thought the surprises were over, then you definitely weren’t prepared for the episode’s final moments. Back in present-day Philadelphia New York, the girls narrowly escaped a masked assailant; unfortunately, Ezra wasn’t quite as lucky. After showing up to the save the day, Ezra wound up getting shot — possibly dying in the arms of his ex-girlfriend, Aria. (Is this real life?!)

Also, was that Mrs. D’s body being dragged into a grave during the closing credits? I’m going to need a minute few months to process all of this.

So many revelations, so little time. Which moment from the Pretty Little Liars season finale shocked you most? Drop a comment with your reaction(s) below.

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