Lost Reunion @ PaleyFest: Outrigger Mystery 'Solved,' the Clone Theory, Icky Kissing and More

Lost Reunion PaleyFestThey simply had to go baaaaack!

At PaleyFest on Sunday night, Lost alumni Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Jorge Garcia, Ian Somerhalder, Maggie Grace, Henry Ian Cusick and Malcolm David “Walllltttt!” Kelley joined showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for a reunion panel that was moderated by comedian/superfan Paul Scheer and covered such topics as….

FAN FICTION | Asked about the wildest theories they ever heard from fans, “I had a guy once say that when the plane was in the air, we were all cloned,” Garcia shared, “and the story was really about our clones.” Holloway, meanwhile, risked an early death for Sawyer when during Season 2 he theorized to the producers that the island could move “like the Death Star.” Noting Lindelof’s reaction, the actor promptly zipped his lip. “I was afraid of dying!”

LOCAL HEROES | Holloway recalls from his time living and working in Hawaii “one fan I saw a few too many times,” and occasionally with the offer of a “chicken dinner” (which Lindeof joked was code for “sex”). Cuse, meanwhile, recounted a time that Terry O’Quinn hitched a ride home from the set, from a local, who blew past his house and instead drove straight to hers, explaining, “I have to show you to my husband!”

WORSE THAN KISSING YOUR SISTER | …is kissing her when Maggie Grace’s mouth is full of minced garlic after puffing on a cigar, Somerhalder recalled of an on-set prank that capped a long day of shooting Boone and Shannon’s makeout scene. (“One of my proudest moments,” Grace teased.)

‘STOLEN’ MOMENTS | Though no one could officially cop to pinching any props before wrapping the series, Lindelof allegedly has a coffee table at home made from the hatch cover (“Maybe it fell off a truck?” he claimed), Cuse might have possession of the hatch’s countdown clock, Garcia’s home possibly features paintings similar to Hurley’s and one might find in Grace’s closet a “tennis-themed prom outfit” that Shannon once wore.

MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH | Cuselof went back over the infamous tale of how an original plan was to get a “name” like Michael Keaton to play Jack, have him do all kinds of press for the premiere and be the “face” of the series, only to then be killed off in the pilot — thus suggesting all bets were off with this show. But an ABC exec countered, “If you [do that] in the pilot, the audience will never trust you again and never form emotional bonds with the characters,” Lindelof related. “It ended up being a great note.” Somerhalder, the first major player to be killed off, took the news well (and perhaps soothed the sting with some pinot, he said, as he was touring wine country when he got word), while Kim figured she was safe once she learned Sun was going to get pregnant. “I relaxed from then on,” she laughed.

OUTRIGGER MYSTERY ‘SOLVED’ | Presented with the undying question of who was on the other boat firing guns at Sawyer, Juliet and others in the outrigger in the time-trippy Season 5’s “Little Prince” episode, Lindelof said that the writers in fact wrote a scene that offered a “cool answer, but what’s much cooler is to not answer the question.” The scene still exists on paper, he said, and one day may be auctioned off for charity.

MATTERS OF AFTERLIFE AND DEATH | Invited to explain the origin of the final season’s flash-sideways/denoument, Lindelof recalled how early fan theories, from Day 1, suggested that the island was a form of Purgatory — which the producers readily discounted, to make clear that “this is real, all these things are happening.” Then as the final season rolled around, they decided to answer a mystery no one thought to raise — “like, I don’t know, what’s the meaning of life and what happens after you die?” Lindelof quipped. So they used Juliet’s whacking of the bomb to “Trojan horse a time paradox story” which segued into “this afterlife parable.” The more they consdiered that twist, “We got very excited … and became very engaged.”

PLANE CONFUSION | Asked to place some sort of quiet “buffer” between the series finale’s emotional final scene and the next bank of commercials, all the producers had handy was old, banked footage of the Oceanic plane wreckage on the beach — which Lindelof said “only exacerbated the problem” of people thinking the characters had been dead the whole time.

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