Did Once Slip Us a Mickey? Is The Originals Due for a New Title? What Typo Trended? And More Qs

BlueBloods_HennigWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Looking, Once Upon a Time, The Originals and Community!

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1 | Did anyone in the teeny-tiny Blue Bloods/Secret Circle Venn diagram overlap recognize Shelley Hennig as Maya the blonde (and quite “adult”) bike messenger? And speaking of shows shot in NYC, is it fun to now see the episodes they filmed during the very snowy January/February?

2 | Is Grimm‘s Nick really planning never to tell Wu the truth about the terrifying Wesen he witnessed?

Once Upon a Time3 | TVLine reader L asks: “Did anybody else notice the plates at the beginning of [Once Upon a Time] formed a Hidden Mickey?” Meanwhile, we want to know: How has Neal kept current on his NYC rent during his past year in Storybrooke/Fairytale Land That Is/Neverland? And do most moms casually whip up breakfast for their family in eight-inch heels, or is that just an Emma Swan thing?

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Resurrection4 | How sad was it that ABC’s Resurrection trended on Twitter — but misspelled? And how did returned Jacob manage to wear the same outfit — the clothes he died in 32 years ago — for the duration of the episode, which included an overnight stay at the hospital and a visit to church?

5 | True Detective finale spoiler alert: Are you as surprised as we are that both Rust and Marty made it out of the season alive?

6 | So, now that Looking‘s Patrick has had steamy, steamy sex scenes confronted his feelings for both his adorable boyfriend and his hunky boss, are you on #TeamRichie or #TeamKevin? (We’re gonna hate ourselves in the morning, but we’re going with the latter!)

7 | When is Girls‘ Marnie going to hook up with the “gay disabled hockey player from One Tree Hill” (aka Desi)? Was it really necessary for Hannah’s coworker to throw her in the bathtub after she threw up? And what did Hannah eat for dinner? (Didn’t it look like an egg yolk?)

Good Wife8 | From TVLine commenter Chris, a Good Wife Easter Egg involving Wallace Shawn (as shady lawyer Charles Lester) reintroducing himself to Florrick-Agos investigator Robyn (Jess Weixler) near the firm’s elevator bank: “Did you catch when he asked, ‘You’re Robyn, right?’ — a reference to his Princess Bride costar Robin Wright?” While we’re on the subject of CBS’ brilliant legal drama, were you amused or put off by the opening bit poking fun at a fictional AMC series called Darkness at Noon — presumably a burn on Emmy voters who give extra points to shows just for being on cable?

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9 | Did ABC Family get a two-for-one sale on storylines involving a friend’s mother possibly being mentally ill? How else to explain both of its Monday night shows, Switched at Birth and The Fosters, having very similar plots? Speaking of the latter show, why didn’t Lena, Stef and Timothy go to a clinic for the sperm donation/insemination process?

The Following10 | With his appearance on The Following this week, has Gregg Henry guested on every single drama in primetime? Or does it just feel that way?

11 | Isn’t it kind of a bummer that Bates Motel didn’t reveal what a complicated sex kitten Miss Watson was until after her death?

12 | How little respect did The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo actually have for Clare if he actually made a vulgar, sexual (off-camera) comment to her during their helicopter ride in Saint Lucia — just days before choosing between her and Nikki as a possible bride? And frankly, how little respect did Clare have for herself by not hopping back on that ‘copter and asking the pilot to get her out of Dodge?

13 | Why on earth didn’t RuPaul’s Drag Race have Sharon Needles back as a polter-guest judge for its scream queens challenge? And for that matter, why weren’t the girls asked to think slasher as well as flashy on the runway?

14 | Hey, remember the previous time Beauty and the Beast‘s VinCat had just put the threat of Gabe behind them when a squad of armed men pulled Vincent away, leaving Cat anguished?

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The Originals15 | With Claire Holt/Rebekah’s exit, is The Originals even The Originals? Does the show need to change its name to Sorta The Originals? And what happens when Elijah goes MIA because Daniel Gillies is filming Saving Hope? Does it just become The Original?

16 | Glee fans, who’s had “Mr. Roboto” stuck in their head since Skylar Astin’s killer performance of the song as the leader of National Champions “Throat Explosion”?

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17 | Has there been a funnier fart joke on TV this season than Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Sgt. Jeffords (Terry Crews) letting it rip — repeatedly! — as he hoisted up the back end of a vehicle to prove that his brutal fasting diet was making him stronger than ever?

18 | On Nashville, whatever happened to Bucky and Tandy’s subtle flirtation?

19 | Argh — Modern Family‘s Alex didn’t just squash Haley’s crush on Andy by likening him to their dad, did she?!

20 | Does it sometimes feel like Revolution‘s default setting is: “Final scene? Unleash new firefly hullabaloo!”?

21 | Is Community‘s adorkable Rachel filing in just fine as Abed’s new sidekick?

22 | Would Grey’s Anatomy really have us believe that Alex is more concerned about the new rule against doctors dating subordinates than the fact that his father — bastard though he may have been — was a victim of Shane’s nervous breakdown? Wouldn’t he be suing the hospital to get himself a seat on the board?

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23 | To avoid further Scandal, wouldn’t Olivia and Fitz be wise to steer their make-out sessions away from the open part of the Oval Office drapes? And as many a tweeter suggested: When can we get Drunk Mellie doing a Sally Langston impression??

Bethenny24 | No, we didn’t expect a sudden surge in quality after Bethenny‘s cancellation got announced, but with new episodes airing ’til May, isn’t it a little soon for segments as depressing as “Top 5 Freezer Staples”?

25 | While the world can always use more Amy Poehler, aren’t she and Old Navy a poor fit? We’re used to discount clothing being shilled by D-list celebs.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!