Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Out With the Old…

Grey's Anatomy RecapThe title of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy — “Throwing It All Away” — sounds pretty negative. Until you realize that what Grey Sloan’s doctors are pitching is some of their baggage. Once it’s on the curb, these emotional hoarders — in particular, Arizona, Owen and Stephanie — look poised for new beginnings… some of which just happen to look a lot like old times. Read on, and I’ll give you the deets.

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A MARRIAGE WITH LEGS | The hour’s biggest turning point comes in Callie and Arizona’s relationship. Though Callie’s day starts bad (the government’s hold on Derek’s sensors puts their research on ice) and gets worse (turns out, Leah’s complaint wasn’t lodged against Arizona but Callie), it ends kinda fantastically. After Stephanie accidentally breaks Arizona’s prosthetic leg in a highly acrobatic gurney incident — and she and the missus have another fight — Arizona tearfully explains the journey that she’s been on to feel like herself again post-amputation. Now, not only is that journey just about concluded, but along the way, she’s realized, “I don’t need much to be happy… but I do know that I need you.” To which Callie responds by — and my heart lurched when she did! — walking out. Then, thankfully — my heart returning to its usual spot — she comes back… with Arizona’s old roller sneakers! Finally, the episode ends with Callie helping her wife relearn how to skate, because to her thinking, Arizona shouldn’t have to give up squat!

TAKE TWO | Meanwhile, having gotten past what Richard calls her “shenanigans” with Shane (and their awkwardness in the aftermath of his meltdown), Cristina questions Owen about his break-up with Emma. “I can’t tell if you’re happy or sad” about it, he says. “Neither can I,” she admits. Later, he playfully accuses her of being so eager to see him “squared away” with everything that he wants so that she doesn’t have to feel guilty anymore about not giving him what he wants. (Which last week he made us all dizzy by telling Emma he didn’t want anymore.) Dunno where this can possibly lead, but the sparks, they are a-flyin’.

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A CLEAN BREAK | After Stephanie claims a second hit-’n’-run victim — this time, Jackson — and the exes are tasked with filling out accident reports at the same desk, he seizes the opportunity to try to apologize for dumping her in the most humiliating way possible. (That is, he apologizes for dumping her in a humiliating way. He doesn’t apologize in a humiliating way.) She isn’t interested, though. She’s also done avoiding him at the hospital. Why? As of then and there, “to me, you just exist,” she sums up, “because I don’t care.” Hashtag: OverIt!

LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER? | Off Alex’s rant to the board last week, he’s suspended from surgery for three days instead of just getting a slap on the wrist for his romantic infraction, and Jo’s moved out of pediatrics. But Mer thinks she’s got the solution to their problem when she offers Alex a “love contract” from HR that will give the couple permission to… well, couple! Trouble is, he’s reluctant to even ask Jo to sign it or to make any waves whatsoever. “If you make it too hard,” he fears, “she’s gonna be like Izzie, and she’ll walk.” Aww…

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