Pretty Little Liars Recap: Wedding Bell Blues

Pretty Little Liars RecapIf last week’s Pretty Little Liars suggested that Mrs. DiLaurentis might be slightly unbalanced, this week’s episode (8/7c, ABC Family) established her as a full-blown maniac.

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Mrs. D’s first red flag was raised when Ashley stumbled upon a newly purchased bag of clothes in Alison’s old room, leading the girls to believe she knows her daughter is still alive. During a phone call at the end of the episode, Ali insisted her mom is still in the dark, but when the girls went to meet Ali for more info., who do you think beat them to the punch?

That’s right — Captain Crazy, herself! At least, I think it was her. We didn’t see the woman’s face, so it’s possible it could be another femme fatale. Melissa, perhaps?

R.I.PAILY | After Emily confronted Paige about her letter to the cops, Paige begged for her forgiveness — but it was too little, too late. Though Emily said she’s able to forgive Paige’s betrayal, she’ll never be able to trust her again. I’m thinking this might really be the end of Emily and Paige’s relationship, and honestly, I say good riddance. It was once a beautiful thing, but too much has happened for the girls to ever get back to where they used to be. Sometimes, it’s just best to “Let It Go,” Adele Dazeem-style.

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JASON DI-LIE-RENTIS | PLL fans have been eagerly awaiting Jason’s return to Rosewood, which finally came this week — but not without a major catch! Jason told Spencer a sob story about how he’s been bettering himself at the Clark Center, but Dean informed Spencer that the Clark Center has been closed for two years! So… where’s Jason really been all this time?

DAUGHTER OF THE BRIDE | Speaking of long-awaited returns, Ella came back from Vienna this week with some big news: Zach asked her to marry him! Surprisingly, Aria stood up to her mother, chastising her for selfishly abandoning their family. And while I agree that it’s about time someone addressed the lack of adult supervision in Rosewood, Ella’s speech to Aria at the bridal show broke my heart into little tiny A-shaped pieces. She deserves to be happy.

WHO’S IN THE GRAVE? | And then there’s the million-dollar question: Who is in Alison’s grave? Detective Holbrook questioned Mrs. DiLaurentis about that this week, and considering the stern response he got, I’m thinking his days are numbered. (Hey, at least we’ll see Sean Faris in the Supernatural spin-off!) Hopefully this is the last week of new questions before we finally get some answers on the season finale.

What do you make of this week’s revelAtions? Was it Mrs. D who spoke to the girls in the episode’s final moments, or someone else? Next week’s the big finale, so now’s your last chance to drop a comment with your theories!