Exclusive Video: Kristen Bell Talks Logan Vs. Piz, 'Blurred Lines' On the Set and Veronica Mars 2

Kristen Bell InterviewWhen Kristen Bell recently stopped by the TVLine offices, of course we talked about everything you’d expect us to: her hopes that the Veronica Mars movie will satisfy the fans who bankrolled it, how it felt to reunite after so long with her Neptune High classmates, Logan vs. Piz, the works. But then, the conversation turned…

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Suddenly, she was telling me about an experience on the set that was “like a giant French kiss,” gossiping about the castmate that Rob Thomas hired even though she warned him, “No way! He’s no good!” and baiting me with a role in Veronica Mars 2… and the likelihood that there will be a Veronica Mars 2.

So what are you waiting for? Press PLAY below and dive in!

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