Teen Wolf Recap: 'Chaos Has Come Again'

Teen Wolf Stiles RecapThis week’s Teen Wolf kicked Operation: Save Stiles into high gear, but because literally no one was on the same page about how to make that happen, the plan quickly dissolved into utter chaos — and that’s just how the Nogitsune likes it.

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Being the crafty little fox-spirit that it is, the Nogitsune managed to trick Stiles’ rescuers into rescuing it from the Oni army. What ensued was yet another epic battle that Scott and Kira somehow managed to miss by mere seconds. (Seriously, what took them so long to get there?!)

And the night only got more messed up from there…

FLY, MY PRETTIES | Following an intense interaction with Kira’s mom — like there’s any other kind of interaction with her — Evil Stiles shanked a hole in his body from which a swarm of pesky flies emerged. “Chaos has come again,” E.S. muttered, as the little buggers found their way into nearly every werewolf in town and proceeded to drive them all bananas.

teen-wolf-twinsWERE-FIGHT CLUB | The first to go bananas was Isaac, who is thankfully not dead, despite his conspicuous absence from last week’s episode. He showed up in Allison’s room for a bit of boning, then proceeded to leg-cuff her to the bed so he could do more boning scoot off and kill the twins.

Speaking of the twins (and boning), we also got a little more Danny/Ethan action this week, even if it was merely the suggestion of a shower scene before the camera cut away. (Never have Teen Wolf fans been left so incredibly thirsty.)

After establishing that he’s “not witty,” Isaac tased the Wonder Twins, inciting an every-wolf-for-himself battle royale. Allison and Kira joined the fray for a bit, but let’s be real… even with the Katana, which Allison suddenly knew how to use for some reason, neither of them really stood a chance.

teen-wolf-derekBURN, BURN, BURN | Meanwhile, Derek managed to out-crazy all three of the aforementioned wolves by kidnapping Papa Argent and threatening to light him on fire. There was a lot of grunting and gun-pointing and it was very stressful for all parties involved. If only Derek and his tank top had stayed home and played chess, all of this could have been avoided. Plus, there would have been more tank top!

#SCIRA | Here’s one of the many things I love about Scott: Even in the midst of complete and utter chaos, he still found time for romance. During his little slumber party with Kira this week, Scott offered to take the couch — he’s a gentleman like that — but Kira asked him, very nicely I might add, to join her in bed. They snuggled and put their mouths together and it was very cute and nice.

MIND GAMES | As a last ditch effort to loosen the Nogitsune’s grip, Scott and Lydia entered Stiles’ mind, which proved to be a twisted — and surprisingly nostalgic — journey. Lydia found herself transported back to the Season 1 finale, screaming Jackson’s name down the halls of Beacon Hills High. (Sorry, Lydia, he can’t hear you all the way in Starling City!) Scott, meanwhile, found himself trapped in the closet with “Allison,” who was ready to do the damn thing.

teen-wolf-lydiaScott and Lydia eventually came to their senses and tracked down Stiles, who was locked in an intense game of chess (or checkers or backgammon or whatever) with the Nogitsune. After Lydia reminded him that Stiles is a member of his pack, Scott let out a mighty Simba-style roar and broke his buddy free, triggering a chain reaction that also prevented his other pack members from killing one another.

(Special thanks to Peter for helping Scott and Lydia in exchange for the name of his illegitimate wolf baby!)

THE OLD PUKE-AND-RUN | Then came the craziest scene in Teen Wolf history, which is saying a lot, considering we once watched an entire snake-creature slither out of Colton Haynes‘ eye. Anyway, Evil Stiles started dry heaving until he’d puked out the Fruit by the Foot-equivalent of bandages, which then changed form into the Nogitsune. Or did it?! Scott and friends removed the bandages to reveal Good Stiles underneath!

So where did the Nogitsune go? According to Scott’s reaction, I want to say it ran off with Lydia — but honestly, it was very confusing and it all happened so quickly.

Let’s break this episode down, fellow Teen Wolf junkies: Is Stiles finally himself again? Where did the Nogitsune take Lydia? And how mad are you that we didn’t get to see the Danny/Ethan scene we were promised? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

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