HIMYM Star Addresses the 'Insane' Theory Making Rounds -- But Does She Refute It?

Has How I Met Your Mother‘s titular momma been dead the whole time Ted’s been telling the tale of their first meeting?

Cristin Milioti, who plays… her… addresses that theory — which gained great momentum with the show’s week-ago outing — in this video Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter. And while she calls the Dead Mother idea “insane,” “crazy” and even “so crazy,” it’s worth noting that she never quite refutes/debunks it. In a word, she sums up the March 31 series finale as “beautiful.”

If the long-running CBS sitcom did go in that dark-ish direction, many would agree, it would be “insane,” “crazy” and maybe even “so crazy.” Yet if framed properly, it could be “beautiful.” (In TVLine’s most recent reader poll, shown below, 68 percent now subscribe to the Dead Mother theory.)

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Watch Milioti discuss the speculation (starting at the 30-second mark) and share your own analysis.