Rachel Boston Talks Finding Love in Hallmark Channel's A Ring By Spring

rachel-bostonIn her new Hallmark Channel Original Movie A Ring By Spring, premiering tonight at 7/6c, Witches of East End star Rachel Boston is conjuring up a different kind of magic: hope.

When a psychic tells Caryn Briggs (Boston) that she’ll spend the rest of her life unmarried if she doesn’t get engaged by spring, she suddenly finds herself on a journey through her past relationships to figure out what went wrong.

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“One thing I certainly relate to is that we can’t change the choices we’ve made in the past,” Boston, who also produced the movie, tells TVLine. “She’s been weaving a life with the choices she’s made, and now she’s trying to open her heart so she can move into the future.”

Though that future remains unclear — and, at times, seems improbable — Boston says Caryn manages to hold onto hope through it all.

“Hope is, I think, just a great guide,” Boston says. “To wake up and strive for that spirit of hopefulness is what Caryn is finally able to achieve once she works through it all.”

And yes, Caryn does work through it all, but Boston agrees it’s more about the journey than the destination for her commitment-phobe character:

“It’s a really light film,” she says. “But it does make you think.”

Hit PLAY on the Ring By Spring trailer below.

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