Hot Video: In 24: Live Another Day, All Jack Must Stop Is a New 'World War' -- Also: Is That...?!

What, only World War III is at stake? Pfft, that’s a cake walk for Jack Bauer.

VIDEO | 24: Live Another Day: Watch the First Promo!

As revealed in a new promo for Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, running for 12 episodes starting May 5, Jack (played by Kiefer Sutherland) happens to be in London when a plot to assassinate President “Audrey’s Dad” Heller (William Devane) comes to light. Should that come to pass, Jack the “psychopath”/”traitor” (as Audrey’s hubby Tate Donovan calls him) predicts a new world war.

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Press play for the full promo, which at the 21-second mark shares glimpses of Chloe With the Dragon Tattoo, the aforementioned Audrey and… hmm, who’s that young blonde cowering from an explosion? (UPDATE: As TVLine reader Paul was first to suggest, it’s not ___ but Yvonne Strahovski. Why they’d show so little of Yvonne, we do not know.)