Did Glee Dis Artie? Why'd Castle Spoil a Twist? Are We to 'Ship Dead's Daryl/Beth? And More Qs!

GirlsWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Glee, Scandal and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | On Girls, did Hannah’s cousin Rebecca remind anyone else of Shoshanna — with her extremely fast talking and the way she called out Hannah on her selfishness — and thus make you miss Shosh? We need more Shosh!

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2 | What does The Walking Dead want us to make of Daryl and Beth? Any ideas? By the end of “Still,” he’d been an abusive douchebag, she’d been a bratty pyro, and we seemed to have been asked to hope for — or be afraid they might — kiss.

3 | How did you feel about Switched at Birth‘s dancing episode? Sweet ending, but not as successful as the all-ASL or alt-universe outings, right?

4 | How was it possible that Mom‘s Christie and Bonnie — both of whom understand first-hand the challenges of teenage motherhood — seemed not only shocked by the idea of Violet giving up her baby for adoption, but apparently hadn’t even broached the subject with her during her first seven months of pregnancy?

5 | If Almost Human gets a Season 2, can we please get more of Dorian singing soulful ’80s jams?

6 | How is The Following‘s Luke not dead after the shooting and beat-down Mike delivered to him? And how did Emma survive having her wrists slit by that Eyes Wide Shut-esque new cult of crazies?

Castle 7 | Really, Castle? There was no way to keep “surprise” guest star Jack Coleman’s name out of the opening credits? (After all, Supernatural recently pulled it off, with Lauren Tom.) And how stunned must Sally Langston be to learn her dead husband will be running against her for President of the United States?!

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8 | Did you enjoy watching the “ladies” rip Juan Pablo to shreds on The Bachelor‘s “Women Tell All” episode, or do you prefer the more traditional “gals tearing down gals” structure?

9 | Why does Blacklist seductress Jolene keep giving her hotel room number to every guy she meets?

10 | TVLine reader Belinda asks: “Did any other Being Human fans have their hearts quietly break after three years of thinking of Aiden and Sally as nothing more than friends, realizing how absolutely perfect these two broken and hurt people were for each other, only to have it ripped away as Aiden desperately pled for his baby to stay with him?”

11 | Was this week’s Supernatural too on the nose, having the Ghostfacers go through the same issues as Dean and Sam?

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12 | Are Pretty Little Liars fans really supposed to think Spencer is getting married in the next episode? Even for ABC Family, that latest promo is a stretch.

13 | Why exactly did Glee‘s Tina, Blaine and Sam freeze out Artie when they embarked on their quest to create senior-year memories? When did Melissa Benoist’s Marley cease to be a speaking role? And when the show moves full-time to NYC later this season, which Lima-based character will you miss most of all? (Somewhat to our surprise, we’re going with Beiste.) Also, people do realize there’s no way Emma could have gotten conclusive results from three separate pregnancy tests in the span of a week, yes?

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Tonight Show Fey Fallon14 | Is it weird how much we enjoyed watching Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon swap mouths on The Tonight Show?

15 | OK, sure — mayyyybe Raiders of the Lost Ark was still in theaters in January 1982; times were different then. But would The Americans‘ son have been so stoked about seeing it seven months after its June release?

16 | Sure, we saw the twist coming, but the way Modern Family revealed the truth behind all of Mitchell’s misconceptions about boss lady Aisha Tyler was pretty brilliant, right?

17 | The last time we saw Suburgatory‘s Evan, wasn’t he dating Dalia…? And even under the guise of “not wanting to get sucked too deeply into Chatswin life,” didn’t Tessa’s rejection of his party invite seem overtly cruel?

18 | Is it time for American Idol to pull the plug on the “Randy Jackson as Mentor” experiment and instead bring in a rotating roster of popular alumni like Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Melinda Doolittle and Clay Aiken to get the job done? (And did anyone actually see J.Lo swallow that bite of deviled egg?)

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19 | Has your jaw recovered yet from hitting the ground after Grey’s Anatomy‘s Owen dumped Emma for offering him, in short, exactly the family he’s long proclaimed to want? And how much did you wanna make his jaw hurt when he had the nerve to tell her they want “different things”? Whaaat?!

20 | Was it a bit disillusioning to see Scandal‘s Olivia and Fitz engage in a post-coital squabble just like any ol’ married couple? And is B613 about 75-percent less scary with pretty Scott Foley in charge? Lastly: Now is Quinn at the point of no return (to OPA)?

Vampire Diaries21 | How much are you going to miss The Vampire Diaries‘ Katherine? And as goodbye episodes go, wasn’t that a surprisingly touching, fun and scary one?

22 | On this week’s Reign, which visual was more disturbing: Nostradamus nearly lynching himself (in a bid to lure back his visions), or Francis’ Bloody Ear of Death?

23 | This can’t really be the end for Parenthood‘s Sarah and Carl, right? Right?!

24 | Was there any doubt that Vikings‘ Athelstan would wind up using his new combat skills to save Ragnar in battle? And are you sad to see him become a bloodthirsty (and hirsute) warrior like all the other menfolk?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!