Suits Boss Previews Louis-Vs.-Mike Fight and How Donna Will Deal With Harvey's New Lady

Suits Season 3 SpoilersWhen Suits returns this Thursday (USA Network, 9/8c), Louis will be closer than ever to exposing Mike after discovering that the young (fake) lawyer doesn’t have a file at Harvard.

But is Mike’s secret what Louis thinks it is? And will he use what he’s discovered — or in this case, didn’t discover — to attack?

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“He’s going to come at Mike hard,” reveals executive producer Aaron Korsh.

Meanwhile, being forced to protect his protégé will change Harvey’s relationship with Mike just as his girlfriend Scottie’s presence at the firm promises to shake things up for everyone. Korsh dishes on how Donna will handle the new woman in Harvey’s life — as well as what else is ahead at Pearson-Specter — below.

TVLINE | We have to start off with the big cliffhanger from the mid-season finale. What are the ramifications going to be like for Louis and Mike?
Louis can be a dog with a bone, and he’s not going to be easily gotten off the scent. There’s going to be major fallout from Louis finding out that Mike’s file is not in the Harvard file room. I wouldn’t say that the first conclusion one would leap to, necessarily, is that just because someone doesn’t have a file in the Harvard file room is that they didn’t go there and that they’re a fraud. But Louis is going to have his own thought process and think it through. One of the problems is Louis can’t tell Sheila that he found this thing, because he promised her he wouldn’t look at the file. So Louis is in a little bit of a box himself, but he’s going to figure out a way out of that box, and he’s going to come at Mike hard. It’s going to, over the course of more than one episode, play out and have some fallout between Louis and Mike, Louis and Harvey, Louis and Donna and Louis and Sheila.

TVLINE | The secret does affect so many other people. Is Mike’s relationship with anybody else in the office tested because of it?
Obviously, his relationship with Louis is tested, but it has ramifications on Mike’s relationship with Rachel, with Harvey and with Donna. I don’t know that I would say that it tests Mike’s relationship with these people, but it certainly affects his relationship with [them]. In some sense, it causes Mike to see Harvey in a new light over the course of the first couple episodes, when Harvey struggles to help get Mike out of the position that he’s in, and it definitely changes Mike and Harvey’s relationship a little bit… Louis finding out that Mike doesn’t have a file in the Harvard file room touches off the greater question — which is explored throughout the whole back six [episodes] — of: Was it a good idea for Mike and Harvey to conspire to bring fraud into the law firm of Pearson-Hardman at the beginning of the show?

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TVLINE | How tricky is it for you, from a writing/storytelling standpoint, to figure out how many people to let in on the truth?
It’s very difficult. For us, from a writing standpoint, obviously, it’s a very difficult thing to figure out who to let in, how many people to let in, how often to bring up the secret. And the good news is that no matter what decision we make, a lot of people are going to think we made the wrong decision. So, in some sense, that can be liberating, because there’s always going to be people that complain. “You didn’t let enough people in. You let too many people in. You didn’t bring it up enough. You’re bringing it up too much.” You, ultimately, have to go with your gut and figure out how you’re going to do it. I like to think we’re doing a decent job of it, but it’s definitely a challenge when you have this core thing at the core of your show, and as the years go by, do you stick with it? Do you let it go? Do you move past it? How to handle it is the topic of many discussions.

Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | You now have two couples in the office: Mike and Rachel and Harvey and Scottie. How is that going to change the dynamics?
What we tried to do with bringing Scottie in was not solely make her coming in affect only Harvey and only her and Harvey’s personal relationship. She has a run-in with Louis. Obviously, Scottie coming affects Harvey’s relationship with Jessica a little bit. It affects his relationship with Donna. It affects Harvey’s relationship with Louis, because Scottie affects Louis. And Scottie’s presence affects Harvey’s relationship with Mike a little bit. So it’s all intertwined.

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TVLINE | Rachel and Mike have gotten past a lot of hurdles now — meeting the parents, her finding out his secret. What’s the next big test for them?
That is a good question. The big test for them — and we explore this some in the last six — is Mike’s secret. You can make a decision to let Mike’s secret go, but it’s not going to stay buried forever, you know? It’s just not. So that decision is constantly being revisited… Every once in a while, the notion of how sustainable is Mike’s secret is going to rear its head. For Rachel, that means if something happens to Mike, something’s happening to the man that she loves. So that’s a serious thing.

Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | What’s in store for Donna? How is she feeling about Harvey taking this big step in his personal life?
Donna is really fighting as best as she can to be the emotional glue that keeps everyone together. So that is the focus of Donna in the last six. It leads to her having some really good scenes with Harvey, with Mike, with Jessica, with Louis, with Rachel. One of my favorite scenes is with Mike in Episode 15, I think. So Donna has amazing scenes with every single one of our other regular five [characters] in terms of fighting to keep them together and highlighting that Donna is always there for anyone when they need her, and sometimes, she’s there for them whether they think they need her or not.

As far as Donna’s feelings on having Scottie back in the firm: Ultimately, Donna wants Harvey to be happy, and she knows that it’s not up to her to make the decision for him [about] what is going to make him happy or not. So she’s going to try to support him in his quest for happiness. Donna likely has some deeper feelings and desires for Harvey buried inside of her — maybe not too deeply — but Donna knows that if she tries to undermine his relationship with Scottie, that’s not going to be to her benefit, even if it works. So Donna has to be there for him while he pursues this thing.