Exclusive Enlisted Sneak Peek: To Pete's Chagrin, the Platoon Rejoices Over 'Doody Duty'

Cleaning up after horses may not sound like a cush assignment, but the men and women of one Enlisted platoon are more than OK with it.

After all, as Chris Lowell’s Derrick explains in the following exclusive sneak peek from Friday’s episode (9/8c), being part of a parade clean-up brigade (aka “doody duty”) means you get to skip long hours of marching practice in the hot Florida sun. Pete, however, is less than impressed that the detail “is rich in treasure.”

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“Even though it is humiliating, it’s really just a day off,” he reasons.

Press PLAY to watch Sgt. Hill get schooled by Randy, Derrick and the gang — who have fond memories (and some smooth dance moves) from previous sweep-up stints.

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