Exclusive Following Sneak Peek: Ryan Comes Face-to-Face With 'The One That Taught Joe'

Warning: The Following‘s Ryan Hardy has been given carte blanche.

We repeat, the same man who already exhibited no qualms torturing a kid for information has been told to do whatever he wants in his quest to find Joe Carroll — as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek at the next episode.

VIDEO | The Following Exclusive: Planes! Helicopters! Behind the Scenes of Joe’s ‘Epic’ Escape Plan

Ryan’s renewed mission gets underway at Mike’s dad’s funeral, where FBI Director Franklin (played by Roc‘s Charles S. Dutton), in an effort to circumvent the bureau’s mole, sanctions Hardy to locate the presumed-dead serial killer.

First order of business: Find the man who taught Joe everything he knows. (Looks like Ryan can cross that one off his list, no?)

If it hasn’t already started,press PLAY to see what Monday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c) has in store.