Exclusive Parenthood Sneak Peek: Julia and Joel's Separation Inspires a Full-Blown Meltdown

Sydney has been a ticking time bomb ever since Joel and Julia announced their separation. And in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Thursday’s Parenthood (10/9c on NBC), she finally explodes.

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In a matter of seconds, Sydney goes from “Mommy, we need to talk…” to “I don’t want to stay at daddy’s stupid apartment!” until everyone at the garden is looking at them.

Ed does his best to diffuse the situation — you know, as if Joel and Julia’s split wasn’t his fault in the first place — but sadly, it’s just too late.

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(To be fair, I feel Sydney’s pain. I wouldn’t want to have to bunk with Victor, either.)

Press PLAY below to watch our Parenthood sneak peek, then drop a comment with your feelings about Joel and Julia. Every last, heart-wrenching feeling.