Hot Video: Arrow's New 3-Minute Trailer Previews Slade's 'Promise' to Oliver and Lots More

Arrow star Stephen Amell just tweeted out a new, three-minute trailer for the CW hit’s coming stretch of episodes, and suffice it to say, it hits the bulls-eye.

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The video below kicks off with a preview of this Wednesday’s episode “The Promise” — which I screened this afternoon, and it is balls-to-the-wall intense — before segueing into a rapid-fire sneak peek at later Season 2 episodes, including the Diggle-centric “Suicide Squad” (airing March 19), “Birds of Prey” and the one I was on set for the filming of, “Deathstroke.” (In fact, one of the scenes I saw being “shot” is the very final moment in this trailer. Chills.)

This is where I tell you to press play.