Exclusive New Girl Video: Cece Attempts to Derail Schmidt's Fling With Jess' Sister

New Girl Sister IIISchmidt’s lustfest with Jess’ sis Abby (Linda Cardellini) is still going strong in Tuesday’s New Girl (9/8c, Fox), but Cece’s green-eyed monster (or is it just friendly concern?) may bring the affair to a premature climax.

As previewed in the following clip, the episode opens with Schmidt and Abby celebrating their one-week anniversary — a milestone that elicits a serious eye-roll from Cece, and with good reason.

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“Cece finds out that Schmidt has been giving Abby money for her ‘jewelry business,'” explains Hannah Simone. “[And] she knows that Abby runs a pretty good con.”

The whole thing leads to a heart-to-heart between the exes, during which old feelings get stirred up? Perhaps? Maybe? Press PLAY below and find out?