Did Bates Motel's Season Premiere Slay You?

Bates Motel Season 2 RecapNo one can say that Bates Motel didn’t start its second season with a bang. But was it a misfire? That’ll be for you to decide following this weecap.

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Four months after Miss Watson’s murder and Bradley’s suicide attempt, everything is going great for Norman and Norma. For about a minute and a half. Then, she learns that construction is about to begin on the delayed bypass — you know, “the road that’s gonna ruin our lives” — leading to her having the mother of all meltdowns at a city council meeting. As for our budding taxidermist, he’s rebuffed anew by Bradley, who’s fresh out of the loony bin and still hot for Dylan.

Wait, it gets worse!

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When Norman photographs a stranger at Miss Watson’s grave and takes the pictures to Sheriff Romero, he doesn’t so much make the stranger a suspect as himself. Later, he’s no sooner admitted to Norma that he was at Miss Watson’s on the night of her untimely demise — he blames himself for her death, reasoning that if he hadn’t run out when he sensed that she was attracted to him, he might have been able to save her from the killer — than Bradley shows up at his bedside.

A dream booty call? Hardly!

Off intel that she got from Dylan — that Miss Watson was two-timing Gil with her father — the teen paid a visit to the drug kingpin and put a bullet through his skull! Now she wants Norman’s help!

So what did you think of the episode? Are you, erm, dying to check back in?