The Walking Dead Recap: Unhappy Hour

The Walking Dead Season 4 RecapIn this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Beth becomes so stressed out by living on the run, sleeping in car trunks and getting the silent treatment from Daryl that she sets off in search of not just a drink but her first-ever drink. (Honey, it’s the zompacalypse — I know Hershel was an alcoholic, but what took you so long?) Of course, what she finds is much more than a buzz. So pour yourself a stiff one and keep reading. I’ll tell you all about it…

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THE ODD COUPLE | Since Daryl goes almost 10 minutes of “Still” without saying a word — that’s overnight and then some on screen —  you can’t really blame Beth for being frustrated with her traveling companion. He’s so stoic, even after all that they’ve been through, even after all of the losses that they’ve suffered… He just sits by their campfire and eats his “snake jerky” with the enviable detachment of a walker. And she freakin’ can’t take it. “Do you feel ANYTHING?” she hollers.

SWINGERS | Determined to get her drink on, Beth is thrilled when she and Daryl happen upon a country club. (“Golfers like to booze it up, right?”) Unfortunately, she’s no sooner discovered a bottle of wine than she’s forced to use it as a weapon against a walker in a polo shirt and plaid pants. (Note: may not literally be a polo shirt and plaid pants.) After that, she discovers that the only liquor still left in the joint is peach schnapps and, like anyone would if faced with the prospect of a dirty glassful of schnapps, cries. And, as cranky as Daryl is, he “ain’t gonna have [her] first drink be no damn peach schnapps.” So he smashes the bottle, and off they go…

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“SHOTS” FIRED | Heading back to a shack that he discovered months earlier with Michonne — a depressing “home” that he says resembles the one in which he grew up — Daryl finds a stash of moonshine and pours Beth a cup of the, erm, good stuff. Which is, as you’d expect, horrible. But the “second round’s better,” she notes. Alas, a few slugs and a game of “I never” later, and Daryl’s pissed in every sense of the word, giving Beth a rough crossbow lesson with a live (well, semi-live) walker for a target and just generally raging against her. To her credit, though, she doesn’t run from the fight. “I know you look at me, and you just see another dead girl,” she yells. “I’m not Michonne. I’m not Carol. I’m not Maggie… but I made it!”

LIVE AND BURN | Their two-actor play continuing, Daryl — veins a-poppin’ — shouts at Beth that they’re never going to see Rick or Maggie or any of them again. And, at last, out it comes. When the Governor attacked, “maybe I could have done something,” he says, breaking down and allowing her to hug him from behind while he sobs. That night, still quietly soused, Daryl talks for the first time, really, about his existence before the end of the world. (He just went wherever Merle did, wandering from brawl to brawl, high to high.) Beth, in turn, forces him to reconsider his impression that she’s a happy drunk by revealing her shattered dream for a quiet death for her father and her certainty that she hasn’t changed enough to survive. “You ain’t a happy drunk at all,” he decides. To round out the hour, they (wastefully!) pour moonshine all over the shack and use a wad of cash that Daryl lifted from the country club to set it on fire. (Note: not with them in it. That would be almost as crazy as wasting the last moonshine on earth!)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you afraid — or hoping — Daryl and Beth would kiss? Hit the comments!